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15 Habits for Carefree Travelling

Greece ● 21 October 2016

15 Habits for Carefree Traveling

1. Hotel TVs have a USB port where you can charge your Mobile

You can't find a way to charge your phone? No worries! Almost every new age television has a USB port available. It is the easiest way to charge your mobile or any other device you want to.

2. Keep in you stuff a power Strip

A power strip will save not only your devices but also other people's who you might encounter while you will be traveling. And who knows, you might make new friends or even meet the love of your life while you are sharing the power strip.

3. Scan important documents


If something happens while you are traveling, it would be a really good idea to have your passport, ID, drivers license scanned and available at your e-mail or in a file at your smartphone.

4. Put a sticker "Fragile" on your luggage

If you want to avoid broken zips or smashed luggage, you can simply do it by marking your luggage as fragile. They will be handled gently and also they will arrive first at the baggage claim.

5. Put your cash in different places

It is not wise to put all your money in one bag, since if something happens, if you loose your bag or someone steels it from you, you will be broke. Spread them in different bags, just in case...

6. Take a Pick of Your Luggage

It is very common for travelers to loose their luggage, especially if they travel very often. So it would be good to take a pic of your luggage so in case they are missing to be able to describe how they were so to have more chances to find it.

7. No more blind hotel booking


Why spending a fortune in hotels you have found online by chance when you can use to find so many on a budget, great value for money choices.

8. Use taxibeat, as a safe way to find a cab

Taxibeat is a very handy app which is going to help you find a taxi and therefore a taxidriver who will take you with safety to your destination. With available reviews you will be able to have a look at the customer's satisfaction rate for each taxi available.

9. Use plastic wrap to seal your plastic bottles (shampoo, conditioner etc.)

It is very annoying to find a mess in your bag from spilled shampoo and other liquids on your stuff. The best way to avoid this nightmare is to open each package, seal with plastic wrap its opening and close it again.

10. Pack Some Nips

Always keep miniature bottles since you might need them while traveling. For example you might crave for some alcohol while you are in the air and you don't want to pay for gold a tiny bottle of whisky. Just fill your miniature with booze to keep it in your bag, it is allowed on board, as long as it is a small bottle not more than 100 ml.

11. Keep your shoes in plastic bags

The best way to have clean clothes in your luggage and also store your shoes with them is to put your shoes in plastic bags or wrap them in plastic.

12. Book morning flights for less air disturbances

If you want to avoid air disturbances, then morning flights are for you. As the day goes on, the ground heats up, which increases the possibility of turbulence.

13. Flights are cheaper on Tuesday Night/Wednesday Morning

Real deals wait for you on Tuesday night and early Wednesday morning since they are the best times to book your flight. This is because airline companies are trying to dump their remaining tickets.

14. Wear Slip Ons at the airport

It is 90% possible that while you are passing the security check, in the airport, they are going to ask you to remove your shoes. It is better to wear shoes that slip on and off since the whole process will be quicker and easier than ever before.

15.Try to get a better price from the airline

It is true that some searching machines are able to find the cheapest flight which is available at the dates you are interested. But before you book the flight it would be smarter to call the airline company just because an agent might offer you a better deal.

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