17 travel tips you shouldn't leave home without
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17 travel tips you shouldn't leave home without

Greece ● 25 October 2017

Even for the most experienced traveller, new and important travel tips are always precious. Read here helpful travel advice that will make your trip in Greece easier, more affordable and more beautiful than ever.

1. Find local cash in the bank or ATM

The best way to find local cash is the bank or the ATM. Conversion centres at the airport or around the city centre are too expensive.

2. Don't forget to check the roaming charges

Be informed about the roaming charges before activating the global capabilities of your phone. Since June 2017, inside the European Union, there is no extra roaming charge for the citizens of EU, but in other countries, these charges can be really high.

3. Take with you a hand-luggage

Take in your carry-on bag an extra set of clothes, and you will be totally independent for a couple of days in case your suitcase gets lost, which is usual in long and transit flights.

4. Bring a charger adapter for your smartphone

Countries have different size plugs and voltage.

5. Have a copy of your passport with you

If your passport gets lost or stolen, you can thus go to your country's embassy and prove your citizenship.

6. European Insurance Card

If you are a citizen of the European Union, inside the Union, you can have medical insurance with the European Insurance Card for free.

7. Pack light

The key to travelling on a budget is "less is more". Pack only the necessary things and clothes, avoid bringing valuable items and thus, you won't pay airlines for overweight luggage or extra bags.

8. Inform your bank about your journey

Call your Credit Card Company before travelling abroad, and ask for authorisation for international purchases. The last thing you want is that your card will be reported for suspicious activity, and you don’t have access to your money.

9. Travel off-season

During the off-season, you can find some really good accommodation deals and cheap air-tickets. Moreover, you avoid the danger of heat wave, which is usual in Greece in July and August.

10. Ask for the Wi-Fi password

Everywhere in Greece, you can find free Wi-Fi. Why not take advantage of it?

11. Discover the street-food culture of each destination

Thus, you will taste its cuisine and save money. In Greece, the most famous street food is souvlaki.

12. Choose a hotel away from the city centre

Almost in every place on earth, prices in hotels, bars and restaurants are higher in the city centre than in other districts. If there is a metro station in a close distance to your hotel, don't hesitate to stay in a hotel or hostel some km away from the centre.

13. Find inclusive passes for museums and transportation

The key to save money is not to pay separated tickets. Thus, you should find inclusive passes to museums and transportation tickets, such as Athens Inclusive Ticket to all archaeological sites or Greek Island Pass for travelling by ferry between the Greek islands on a budget.

14. Sunscreen cream is necessary

Sunscreen protection is completely necessary in Greece all year long as well as in every summer destination.

15. Load your device with offline GPS

A GPS that works also offline can help you in case you can't find signal or roaming charges are too high.

16. Don't rely too much on reviews

Reviews are great, and they can help you to find fantastic places. However, reviews usually will not help you find hidden gems. Instead of relying only on reviews, it is better to ask locals, read travel blogs and explore on your own what is the next best thing.

17. Make a list of everything you want to see

You will get a lot of suggestions and tips for things to do, places and sites to visit, restaurants and beaches before and during your vacations. Put all these ideas into a list, add some notes and have them ready when you arrive.

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8.2 10
Mirini Hotel
Kallistratous Str., 83100 Samos, Greece

Hotel Mirini is located in Samos town, just 3 minutes walk from the beach and within a 10-minute walk from the main port of the island. The hotel offers sea view accommodation with many traditional taverns, shops, cafes, supermarkets in close proximity.

Studio in Zakynthos, Greece Studios Keri
Studios Keri
Limni Keriou (Lake Keri), 29092 Zakynthos, Greece

Being located in a beautiful, quiet area near Lake Keri (Limni Keriou), the family run Keri Studios offer accommodation in fully equipped, bright and comfortable studios at competitive prices. The main road of Lake Keri village with many shops, traditional taverns with sea food and the organised beach can be reached within a 15-minute walk. Zakynthos international airport is at 15 km, while the main port in Zakynthos town (Chora) is at 16 km. The property offers a shuttle service to/from the airport at an additional cost.

Hotel in Delphi, Greece Castri Hotel
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Castri Hotel is located in Delphi Village, just 1.3 km away from the Archaeological site of Delphi. Amfissa Town is a 20-minute drive away.