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3 amazing miracles of nature in the Aegean Sea

Limnos ● Nisyros ● Tinos ● 10 October 2018
You will only believe them when you see them. And yet, they are true, and for the locals they are their everyday reality. Nature can create some really impressive and unexplainable phenomena. Enjoy the most peculiar things nature created in Greece and combine them with beautiful islands in the Aegean Sea!

Geological park of Faraklou, Limnos, Northern Aegean

The geological park of Faraklou in Limnos has odd, unfinished sculptures on sand. In this stunning spectacle of rocky formations, this wonder seems to emerge from the ground out of the blue. They are believed to be the creations of rolling hot lava, which gushed out of the volcanoes active on the island thousands years ago. When that lava came into contact with sea water, it cooled down and eventually formed these bizarre sea rocks. They are definitely worth the drive on the dirt road from Propouli village.

Volcano, Nisyros, Dodecanese

The volcano in Nisyros seems to have jumped straight out of a fairytale book, where you walk next to a giant. The giant is sleeping as the volcano has remained idle for thousands of years. Thus, it gives you the opportunity to admire his treasures, the volcanic rocks. Thw oldest rocks are 160,000 years old, while the new ones only 15,000 years old and cover the whole island! The largest crater of the volcano has a diameter of 260 m. and depth of 30 m. If you are aware of the volcano in Santorini, forget everything you know. This active volcano will impress you much more with its magnitude and colors!

Nisyros volcano

Volax, Tinos, Cyclades

The name of Volax is linked to the rough rocks that seem to have fallen from the sky when comets fell from the heavens above. Legend says that these monoliths are in fact what is left of the Battle of the Giants and Titans. No matter the truth, the Cycladic landscape becomes lunar on this area. Plus, the village of Volax nearby is a traditional, authentic island like most of the numerous villages in Tinos, where you can enjoy the hospitality and the beauty of this off-the-beaten-path Cycladic island. Make a road trip to see them all and stop in this natural wonder to take a lot of photos feeling like having just landed in the moon!


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