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4 Must See Unexplored Greek Islands

Irakleia ● Iraklia ● Kimolos ● Lipsoi ● Santorini ● Thirasia ● 25 January 2018

4 Must See Unexplored Greek Islands

With more than 600 hundred islands to explore in Greece, you can be sure that this country has so much to offer to every traveller! These 4 must see unexplored Greek Islands will take you away from the massive touristic destinations and will offer you the peaceful holidays you are searching for. 

Lipsoi Island, Dodecannese

The perfect getaway if you want to be lost in time on an beautiful island close enough to other bigger islands. Lipsoi island is just a short distance away from Patmos, Kalymnos and Leros. You can get here either by airplane from Kos and Leros or by ferry from Peiraias or Kalymnos and Patmos.
This beautiful little island has a very nice picturesque port where you find traditional taverns that serve fresh fish food, delicious Greek dishes and wonderful sea view.
It is a family friendly destination as the sea water is calm in the summer, the beaches are mainly with soft sand and shallow water and it is not too busy even in peak season in the summer.

Make sure you try the local wine from the local wineries and the fresh fish that is coming directly to your plate from the fishing boats that you seen in front of you at the port. 

Τhirassia Island

Another amazing little gem that is just a breath away from the amazing Santorini Island. Thirassia is the unspoiled Santorini, the place where you think you travel back in time where mass tourism and organised holidays still do not exist.
Highly recommended if you want to hide away from the rest of the world and find your own secret paradise on earth.
Manolas is the centre of the island but have in mind that the island is so small you could also walk around it if you wanted.
From Manolas you will have the view to the Kaldera of Santorini but the difference will be that you will have your peace of mind without the thousands of visitors around you.

You can get to Thirassia with a small boat or a ferry from Santorini.



The island of Kimolos is the nearest little island to Milos. You can get here by a small ferry that departs from Milos almost every hour during the summer. Milos is very close to Ios island and you can get to Milos by a ferry from Ios, departing every day or from the port of Peiraias.
Kimolos has a gorgeous little Chora- the centre of the island- with very nice taverns and a couple of small bars, a nice castle that offers wonderful panoramic view to the Aegean sea, great local food and some lovely beaches you can reach after a very short drive.

It is a family friendly destination but it is also ideal for a small group of friends that don't really care or look for nightlife and parties on the beach. 

Kimolos is also a good choice if you want to avoid the massive tourism of August.

Iraklia ( or Irakleia)

A gorgeous small island very close to Naxos island, part of the Small Cyclades group of islands. You can get here by a small boat from Naxos or Ios islands and it is ideal for group of friends or families that are looking for peaceful holidays in the sun. The sea and the beaches in Iraklia are fantastic, the water shallow and safe for small children and the surroundings just unique.

Enjoy excellent fresh food with fresh fish and vegetables, wonderful warm hospitality from the locals. You might feel that you are in the Caribbean. Don't say we did not warn you for its beauty!