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5 Amazing Greek Habits you should know!

Athens ● Crete ● 13 February 2018

5 Amazing Greek Habits you should know!

Greece is not just a country, it is a whole philosophy! No matter where you are coming from, this little mediterranean country will show you at least 5 amazing Greek habits you should know and all of them will inspire you and give you a truly authentic travel experience!

1. Let's go for a coffee!

When a Greek says "let's go for a coffee sometime" it is an invitation to get to know you better, like a beginning of a new friendship, or a new work, or even a flirt. Even if you don't drink coffee this expression still remains and is powerful. The point here is not the coffee itself, but the quality time that you will share with this person or group of people.
Forget how Italians comprehend the coffee culture. For the Greeks when you are sitting at a cafe you spend time, you share your latest news, worries, thoughts whatever will make you feel relaxed or even get rid of the tension you carry.
The coffee culture for the locals in Greece is similar to a psychology session. Don't be surprised if you spend about two hours sitting at a cafe talking with friends. 

Greek coffee

2. Fight over the bill 

Greeks are not Dutch, nor British, nor German. That means they don't usually pay for their own thing and expect you to pay for yours like a Dutch would go according to "Let's go Dutch!". Sometimes it happens but it is not the usual thing. Neither do they divide everything so each person pays the same price no matter if one ate fish and the other peanuts for example like the British do. And they do not calculate each and every penny over a bill depending on who ate what like Germans do. If you go out with a Greek it happens often to fight over a bill as they will be the ones who would like to pay for their guests. It is a sign of kindness, hospitality and superiority to be large with money and offer and insist on paying the bill.
However, don't exploit this kind Greek gesture and expect them to pay every time as it is very impolite in the Greek culture and very soon you will be on their "black list".

3. Greeks Love kids and they show it!

Greek people really love and are deeply connected with their family and the family as a constitution in the society. Kids and little children get their attention and admiration from the locals, their care and concern no matter their age or where they live.
If you are under Acropolis downtown Athens or on the most distant Greek island and you travel with your children expect the Greeks to come close to your kid, smile at him/her, play with him/her and look happy like if it was theirs!
Greeks respect families, kids and family connections, if you are this type of traveller this is your paradise place!

4. Flirt!

Flirting in a polite way is a mediterranean thing! In Greece it happens a lot and it adds some spice in the every day life of the locals. But be careful! Flirting is an art. Too obvious contact, too sincere, too rude is not considered to be flirt and you will now have any chance with a local if you think that something like this would be accepted or appreciated it.
Be playful, charming, romantic, kind. Chances are you will enjoy it more and maybe have better results!
Flirting in Greece

5. Eat a lot, and eat some more!

Eating for Greeks is a treat! Wherever you go, the more they like you, the more they want to show you you are welcome and respectful, the more food you will be offered. Eating is what brings a family together, friends together, what makes deals at work stronger, eating is a way of thinking. You are not expected to eat and never say no! And yes we understand it is difficult to resist the amazing plates and desserts that you will be offered. Sharing the same food and sitting on the same table, talking, laughing, discussing, accepting that's the most important thing for the Greeks and this is what eating means to them.

These are some of the top travel tips for Greece that you need to know!
Enjoy it and share it with others!

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