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5 amazing Greek islands off the beaten path for peace and privacy

Arkioi ● Chalki ● Kythnos ● Sikinos ● Tilos ● 11 April 2017

Are you dreaming of a place away from mass tourism? A place to relax and find peace and privacy, without having to wait at the restaurant and the café or trying to catch a sunbed, while crowds of other swimmers with their children want also to find some space near you? Have you visited the popular Greek islands, and now you want something different, a destination away from the package tourists? These idyllic Greek islands you probably didn't know can offer you unforgettable moments and unique experiences. Plus, they are low-budget destinations, because they are small and unexplored, giving you the opportunity to visit Greece on a reasonable budget.

1. Kythnos

Kythnos is one of the lesser known islands of Cyclades in a very close distance to Athens, so you can visit it even for a couple of days during your city break in Athens. Although it is located 2 hours from the capital, Kythnos remains an unspoiled island. Chora is typically Cycladic, the food in the traditional taverns is delicious and cheap, the people are hospitable and ready to please you, and you can find there the astonishing beaches of the Aegean Sea.

Kythnos Kolona beach

2. Tilos

Tilos is a tiny island near Rhodes with a well-preserved abandoned village and a wonderful beach, Eristos, which attracts the fans of the free camping thanks to the external public showers and the trash cans that the mayor put there. The favourite destination of students and backpackers, Tilos is one of the islands near Rhodes you should definitely visit.


3. Chalki

Another island for a day trip from Rhodes is Chalki, where you can also spend more days to get rest and enjoy swimming in secluded beaches with the clearest waters of the Aegean Sea. Chalki is the smallest inhabited island of the Dodecanese with a permanent population of 330 people. Impeccable architecture of the main village, peace and privacy are the main characteristics of Chalki.


4. Arkioi

Arkioi is one of the smallest and least populated islands of Greece with only 44 people. It is located near Patmos, and when you visit this totally unspoiled from the mass tourism island, you will feel that you have travelled back in time. The small port welcomes you, and the people there appreciate every single tourist, who takes the boat from Patmos and visit their island. In Arkioi, you will find unbelievable serenity, you can discuss with the hospitable people there, eat fresh fish and forget the noise and the expensive prices of the crowded islands.

5. Sikinos

Sikinos is a small, rocky Cycladic island, in a close distance to Folegandros. It is the perfect destination for hiking thanks to its cliffs and mountains that will offer you a magnificent view of the Aegean Sea and the complex of Cyclades. The Chora is typically Cycladic, with small white houses, and the turquoise waters of the sea are calling you to swim in an experience of true calmness.