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5 knockout things to do in Peloponnese

Dimitsana ● Elafonisos ● Epidavros ● Gytheio ● Kalamata ● Kalavrita ● Mani ● Methoni Messinia ● Monemvasia ● Nafplion ● Olympia ● Peloponnese ● Porto Cheli ● 07 March 2017

Peloponnese is famous all over Greece for its rich culture, its long history and its beautiful towns and villages. In Peloponnese, the variety of the things you can do is so great that exploring this region is like exploring a whole country with many different places and activities.

1. Important archaeological sites

The historical and archaeological sites in Peloponnese are significant, and their visit allows you to learn the whole ancient history of Greece. The Temple of Apollo Epicurius, Ancient Korinthos, the Ancient Theatre of Epidavros, where performances of ancient drama are displayed, the Archaeological Site of Mycenae, which was the centre of the Mycenaean civilisation, as well as the Archaeological Site of Olympia, where the Olympic Games of the antiquity took place, are only some of the numerous monuments you can visit, but they are among the most significant historical sites not only in Greece, but also in the whole world due to their influence to western civilisation.


2. Picturesque towns

In Peloponnese, you can spend a couple of days in one of its beautiful towns that have kept their character and traditional architecture, offering you the opportunity to relax and enjoy unforgettable moments. Monemvasia looks like it comes from the Medieval Era, Gytheio and Nafplion with their neoclassical buildings are romantic places to walk around and get rest, while Kalamata is a littoral town, which belongs to the most wonderful large cities of Greece.


3. Idyllic villages in nature

Peloponnese has also many wonderful villages that are perfect for relaxation and activities in nature. The villages of Mani, the mountainous villages of Oreini Arkadia, like Stemnitsa Arkadias and Dimitsana with its amazing atmosphere, as well as the coastal villages of Messinia, like Methoni Messinia, are the best options to explore the nature of Greece and have an idyllic experience away from the crowds.

4. Astonishing beaches

The varied landscape of Peloponnese consists of amazing coasts with crystal waters and sandy beaches. The most famous beaches of Peloponnese are located in Elafonisos, in Tolon Nafplion, in Porto Cheli, in Pylos (Voidokoilia) and in Methoni Messinia.

5. Winter activities and resorts

In Peloponnese, there are many choices for winter sports. Hiking or mountain biking at the mountains of Helmos, Taygetos and Mainalon are the most obvious options, and Lousios River is ideal for kayak and rafting. There are also two ski resorts, the one at Helmos Mountain near Kalavrita, and the other at Mainalon Mountain.

Where to Stay

Villa in Epidavros, Greece Angelica Villas
Angelica Villas
Gialasi, Ancient Epidavros, 21059 Epidavros, Greece

Angelica Villas is located in Gialasi, Ancient Epidavros, just a 5-minute walk from the beach. The Ancient Theatre of Epidavros is 17 km away while the Little Theatre of Epidavros is just 2.8 km away. The scenic town of Nafplio is 38 km away.

Appartment in Monemvasia, Greece Villa Diamanti
Villa Diamanti
Monemvasía, 23070 Monemvasia, Greece

Villa Diamanti is located in the new town of Monemvasia (Gefira), just a 2-minutes walk from the beach. The Castle of Monemvasia is 1.8 km away.

Hotel & Appartment in Nafplio, Greece Hotel Apartments Panorama
Hotel Apartments Panorama
2, Agia Kyriaki str., Tolo, 21056 Nafplio, Greece

Hotel Apartments Panorama is located just a 5-minute walk from Tolo Beach and from the lively center of this popular summer resort. Picturesque Nafplio town is at 10 km. Kalamata international airport "Captain Vassilis Konstantakopoulos" is 2 hours drive away from Tolo.