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5 main reasons to visit Sifnos

Cyclades ● Sifnos ● 04 September 2017

Sifnos is a unique island of Cyclades, where you can spend relaxing vacations with your other half or have fun and enjoy the vivid nightlife with your friends. Sifnos is literally an island for every taste, a top destination, where white-washed houses, charming chapels at the edge of the cliff, cozy bars, romantic Greek guesthouses and golden beaches are prevailing.


The capital of Sifnos is Apollonia Sifnos, which is built amphitheatrically around three hills. The village is charming, consisting of narrow, pebbled streets, elegant local shops, white arches and Cycladic houses with bougainvillea hanging on their walls. Chora of Sifnos is picturesque like a carte postal and interesting like a small town full of happy people. Early at night, there are many cocktail bars to enjoy romantic moments after having a walk in the lovely streets of the traditional village, but after midnight, the scenery reminds of the liveliest islands in Greece, and the atmosphere is full of wild nightlife moments, alcohol and dance.


5 km from Apollonia Sifnos is located Kastro (=castle), the most beautiful spot of Sifnos. It was the old capital of Sifnos and has been built in the ruins of ancient Sifnos. Kastro has a strong medieval character, offers panoramic view of Aegean Sea and has as a symbol a lovely white chapel at the edge of the coastline. You can see there some ruins of the ancient city as well as Frankish wall fragments, and there is also a small archaeological museum that is worth visiting. In the area, there are many hotels in Sifnos, rooms to let, taverns and other tourist facilities to provide you the best holiday experience.

The Castle in Sifnos

The ancient Towers

If you are a fan on ancient Greek history and Cycladic civilisation, you can admire the Ancient Towers of Sifnos in many different locations of the island. These towers were used from the ancient residents of the island as watch towers and protective buildings for women and children after several invasions during the 6th and 5th century B.C. that destroyed the island, while some date back to the Roman Times. The best-preserved towers of Sifnos are three, White Tower on the eastern side of Sifnos, Black Tower in Exambella Village and Tower of Katavati on the way to Vathy.

The lovely beaches

The beaches of Sifnos are not characterised by extraordinary and wild beauty, but they are calm, unspoiled, relaxing, family-friendly and with golden sand. Chrissopigi is the most famous beach of Sifnos thanks to the amazing white monastery at the edge of the coast, while Vathy, Kamares, Platys Gialos and Heronissos are nice spots to spend your day under the warm sun and in the crystal waters of the Aegean Sea.

Heronissos Beach

Beach bars

Sifnos has generally beautiful, modern bars and restaurants, with unique design and positive vibes. The beach bars of the organised beaches are nice places to relax watching the magnificent view of the Aegean Sea. At the end of the stunning beach in Sifnos, Kamares, Isalos, the funky beach bar where you can relax with the sound of afrobeats and the food and the cocktails are a must, is one of the best beach bars in Greece according to the Guardian.