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5 things to do in Dimitsana

Dimitsana ● 02 March 2017

The beautiful traditional village of Dimitsana in the region of Arkadia in Peloponnese is a perfect destination for relaxing. In a close distance to Athens, Dimitsana is ideal for a weekend in nature, enjoying its mountainous atmosphere. Dimitsana proves that Greece isn't just about gorgeous beaches and islands, but also about idyllic winter destinations that have kept their character. Although Dimitsana is a small place, the area has many things and activities to offer to its visitor, and you won't get bored.


1. Relax near the fireplace

In Dimitsana, you will find traditional restaurants, cafes and guesthouses in beautiful stone houses. The warm environment near the fireplace gives you the best opportunity to relax, discuss with your friends, play board games and leave your tiredness behind.

2. Take a walk in the village

The mountainous village and the view of the Lousios Gorge are astonishing. Walk in the narrow streets of Dimitsana, admire its traditional architecture and its amazing landscape and buy local products from the cute shops.

3. Get active

The activities you can make in Dimitsana thanks to its lush nature are for the most of its visitors the main reason to spend a couple of days there. Lousios River is perfect for rafting, canoeing and kayak, but if you are not a fan of that kind of sports, you can hike at the mountain or enjoy a walk by mountain bike. In a close distance to Dimitsana, is located the Ski Resort of Mainalo, where you can do ski, snowboard and other winter sports.

4. Visit the Open Air Water Power Museum

This outdoor museum is one of a kind in Greece. It is a fine example of pre-industrial facility that includes a flour mill, water mill, tannery and gunpowder mill. These facilities operated fully until the middle of 20th century, and in this museum, you can learn interesting information about this operation as well as the history of the area.

5. Explore the whole area of Oreini Arkadia

Dimitsana is located at Mountain Mainalo, and in the region, there are many other villages that are traditional and beautiful too. Stemnitsa Arkadias, Lagkadia and Vitina are only some of the settlements you can visit for an excursion, and you will be impressed by their architecture and atmosphere that looks like Dimitsana Town.