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5 things to do in Ioannina

Epirus ● Greece ● Ioannina ● 21 November 2016

Ioannina, the capital of Epirus, is located around the beautiful Lake Pamvotida. The natural environment and the traditional character of Ioannina make it one of the most wonderful cities of Greece that is definitely worth a visit. Read this article about the things you can do and see in this town, and be prepared for unforgettable vacations or a special weekend.

The Castle of Ioannina

The Castle of Ioannina is the oldest Byzantine fortress in Greece, and it was built in 528 AD by the Emperor Justinian. In the castle, you can see the outer wall, the citadel with the mosque and the old, walled town of Ioannina, one of the best-preserved old towns in Greece.


The Lake Pamvotida

The Lake Pamvotida is a well-known site for the visitors of the area. With a round trip of the lake, you can explore the beauty of the nature and enjoy the view of the city. The water species, which live there, are one of a kind, and you cannot easily find them in another place in Greece. Crawfishes, catfishes, carps, eels and many amphibians constitute the rare fauna of the lake, which will impress you.

The island of the Lake Pamvotida

This island is one of the few inhabited lake islands in Europe. Its population is 300 people, and it is famous for its traditional stone-built settlement. It was the base of the notorious Ottoman governor, Ali Pasha, who lived there in the early 19th century. On this tiny island, there are seven Byzantine and post-Byzantine monasteries, making it an important monastic community after Agion Oros and Meteora. You can reach the island by boat, which departs from Ioannina every 30 minutes, and the journey lasts only 10 minutes.

The gastronomic pleasures

The mountains of Epirus provide a wide range of herbs and spices, which create a unique cuisine that satisfies even the most demanding visitors. The fishes of the lake are cooked in many sophisticated ways, and a delicacy of Ioannina, which is the hallmark of this cuisine, are the frog legs. Furthermore, you can also enjoy the famous desserts, such as the baklava and the sugar pie, a trademark of the multicultural character of the city.

The jewellery of Ioannina

The silversmith's art is one of the most important aspects of the local culture. In the town, you can find many shops that sell traditional as well as modern jewelleries, which are elegant and delicate.

Where to Stay

Hotel in Ioannina, Greece Agnantio Hotel
Agnantio Hotel
Ligkiades, 45500 Ioannina, Greece

Agnantio Hotel is located in the small, lovely village of Ligkiades. The center of Ioannina town is a 20-minute drive away. The National Airport of Ioannina is 12 km away.

Hotel in Ioannina, Greece Krikonis Hotel
Krikonis Hotel
10, Niarchou Str., 45500 Ioannina, Greece

Krikonis Hotel is located in Ioannina, close to the city center and close to the University of Ioannina. The National Airport of Ioannina is a 15-minute drive away from the property.