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5 things to do in Ithaca

Ionian islands ● Ithaca ● 11 April 2018

Ithaca is the island in the Ionian Sea located near Kefalonia. The island of Odysseus gives you the opportunity to relax, explore important historical sites, walk around the beautiful town and port of Ithaca and swim in gorgeous beaches with emerald waters and lush greenery.


Vathy is the capital and main port of Ithaca. It is a picturesque little town with 2,000 residents built amphitheatrically around a peaceful bay. Venetian houses, paved streets and elegant shops make Vathy the place to enjoy the traditional atmosphere of the island. Vathy is a preserved settlement since 1978. All the buildings, which have been destroyed in the earthquake of 1953, were rebuilt, and today constitute a wonderful scenery. In Vathy, there is the widest variety in hotels, clubs, bars, restaurants and Greek taverns.


Cave of Nymphs

The cave of Nymphs is known since antiquity as the place, where according to the myth the Phaeacians abandoned Odysseus, when he was asleep, as Homer in Odyssey informs us. The entrance to the cave is through a narrow path that overlooks an impressive chamber of 5 meters in altitude of 180 meters above sea level! This cave is the perfect spot to admire the natural beauty of Ithaca as well as connect the island with its mythology.

Archaeological Museum

The Archaeological Museum of Ithaca, which is located in Vathy, houses a collection of various findings from the Geometric, the Mycenaean and the Corinthian period. Although it is a small museum, it is definitely worth visiting due to the important findings that can reveal you the history of the island from the prehistoric times. The homeland of Odysseus was a significant city-state in ancient Greece with several periods of prosperity and decline. About these periods, you can be informed in this museum.

Ancient Town of Alalcomenae

Above the small village of Piso Aetos on the southern side of the island, is located the ancient town of Alalcomenae, which was built in the 6th century B.C. You can see there the ruins of the Acropolis. In the ancient town of Alalcomenae, have been found historical objects of great value as they refer to the name of ancient Ithaca and have the image of Odysseus.

Best beaches

Ithaca has numerous beaches with golden sand and turquoise waters surrounded by verdant nature. Some of them are secluded and not organised, such as the beautiful Agios Ioannis, the pebbled Gidaki, the calm bay of Polis and Dexa with white pebbles and superb waters. A few beaches in Ithaca have some touristic facilities, such as hotels, rooms to let, taverns, cafés and sunbeds. These are Filiatro, Sarakiniko and Loutsa.

Where to Stay

Villa in Ithaca, Greece Yellow House Ithaca
Yellow House Ithaca
Vathi, 28300 Ithaca, Greece

Overlooking the village Vathy from its balcony, Yellow House villa is located on a small hillside only 400 m from the center of Vathy and from the port connecting Ithaca with the port Poros in Kefalonia. Piso Aetos port with a ferry connection to Sami in Kefalonia is at 7 km. The nearest airport is Kefalonia Airport, approximately 45 km away from the property.