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5 things you can do with Hostelbay

Greek Islands ● 24 June 2018

Hostelbay, your best friend for vacation in Greece - Reading time: 1 minute

Well, if you are looking a friend on the internet, who can help you organising the best vacation of your life, the vacation in Greece, here you are! Hostelbay is not only an online platform. It is something more. Are you wondering which added value Hostelbay has? Read this article (you only need less than 1 minute) and then... Just click the service you want and don't blame yourself you didn't know us for such a long time. Better late than never!

Book your ferry tickets online

It is really difficult to find in Greece a platform, where you can book your ferry tickets online. For a reason we don't know, most Greek ferry lines think that in the web world it is better to visit a travel agency and carry your ticket, if you want to go to the islands. If you lose the tickets... Then, there is nothing you can do than praying to find them or you have to pay them again. But this is not true with Hostelbay! In our platform, you can book you tickets online, load it in your smartphone and just... reload it if you lose the printed version. So simple!

Make Greek Island Hopping

Island Hopping is the next best thing in Greece. Is it possible to exist something better than visiting more Greek islands in one summer, going from one island to another in less than one hour? The problem is that Greek Island Hopping can be truly expensive. If you buy separated ferry tickets for each route, then you need great budget. But not with Hostelbay. We give you the opportunity to make Greek Island Hopping in the Cyclades on a budget. How? With our Greek Island Hopping Ferry Pass! You pay the price of only one ticket, but you can do up to 8 routes to visit up to 7 Cycladic islands (Paros, Naxos, Mykonos, Ios, Amorgos, Santorini, Koufonisia). Basically, the best Greek islands. This is not a joke! Just click and ascertain it is a reality!


Book your accommodation online

Next step: book you accommodation. Find in Hostelbay amazing hotels, hostels, rooms to let, villas and more for the top yet affordable accommodation in Greece at the best price on the web!

Find top ferry and accommodation deals

The coolest thing with Hostelbay is that you can discover accommodation and ferry deals you couldn't imagine! Just make a search, and you will realise that the budget vacation in Greece is our expertise...

Make your holiday package on your own

Forget the pre-fixed holiday packages. The new traveller creates his/her vacation on his/ her own. Why letting someone else decide for you where and when to go? With Hostelbay, you can find everything you need to organise your dreamy vacation in Greece according to your wishes. Ferry tickets, accommodation, good company and the motivation to explore the world. These are the only prerequisites to discover Greece with Hostelbay!

Where to Stay

Hotel in Parga, Greece Palatino Hotel
Palatino Hotel
40, Patatoukou Str., 48060 Parga, Greece

Palatino Hotel is located in Parga, just a few meters from the popular Valtos beach. The center of Parga is just a few minutes' walk away. Aktion National Airport is 66 km away.

Hotel in Edessa, Greece Hagiati Guesthouse
Hagiati Guesthouse
40, Makedonomachon Str., 58200 Edessa, Greece

Hagiati Guesthouse is located in a central location in the town of Edessa, very close to the famous Waterfalls. The closest airport to the town is Kozani's Airport, which is 90.4 km away.

Studio & Appartment in Andros, Greece Irene's Villas
9.1 10
Irene's Villas
Chora, 84500 Andros, Greece

Irene's Villas is located in Chora Andros, only a 10-minute walk from the town centre. Nimborio beach is just a few meters away from the property. Andros Port is 33.2 km away.