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5 tips on the easiest way to do your routes between the Cycladic islands

Amorgos ● Cyclades ● Ios ● Mykonos ● Naxos ● Paros ● Santorini ● 10 February 2018

Are you now planning your Island Hopping in Cyclades? Well done! Greek island Hopping is an unforgettable experience for your summer in Greece, and Cyclades are an amazing island complex with various islands for every taste. If you are now trying to plan your schedule, find what routes are the optimums between the islands and book your accommodation on the destinations you want to visit, you may see that it is quite difficult to combine all the islands and understand which island to visit first. With our tips, you will find the optimum way to do all these routes, save money and time and take the best out of your vacation.

The most important thing you should remember is to buy a pass, such as Greek island pass (learn more), which gives you the opportunity to make the routes between the islands with flexibility and travel anytime you want without having to book your ferry tickets in advance several months ago. Greek Island Pass is also amazing because it costs only as much as a regular ticket, although with it you can make more routes and visit more islands.

After having booked this super cool pass, with which you can travel from Piraeus in Athens to the 6 most famous and beautiful islands of Cyclades (Mykonos, Paros, Naxos, Amorgos, Ios and Santorini), take a look at these 6 tips to organise your vacation perfectly.


Start from the further destination

Santorini is the further destination from Piraeus, and it is wise to start with this island, when you have all of your energy at the beginning of the journey. From Piraeus, you need about 5 hours to get to Santorini where then you can relax and enjoy the amazing scenery. Afterwards, you can take the ferry or the boat to go the other islands you want on your return to Athens.

The closest island to Santorini is Ios

The closest island to Santorini, which is connected with it by several boats and ferries each day, is Ios. Ios is located less than 50 minutes by ferry from Santorini, so you can definitely visit it after a few days on the volcanic island.

Paros or Naxos first?

Ios is connected also with several routes by ferry or boat with Paros and Naxos. If you start your journey from the further destination, Naxos is closest to Santorini and Ios, so you should visit it first before going to Paros and then back to Piraeus. If you want to make the opposite, visit first Paros. Just remember the route: Piraeus-Paros-Naxos-Ios-Santorini.


Combine Amorgos with Naxos or Paros

Amorgos is connected only with Naxos or Paros by ferry. So, from Santorini or Ios, you have to go to Amorgos via Paros or Naxos.

Mykonos is connected to other islands only by ferry

Mykonos is connected only with Naxos, Ios and Santorini. So, to go from Mykonos to Paros or Amorgos, you have to do that via Naxos. The connection of Mykonos with these islands is made only by ferry, but this should not worry you. You will avoid the expensive prices of the ferry tickets by buying Greek Island Pass, which gives you the opportunity to travel on a budget even by ferry.


Which islands have airport

Mykonos, Naxos, Paros and Santorini are the islands in Cyclades that have airport. So, it is not obligatory to return back to or to start island hopping from Piraeus. You can begin or end your journey in one of these islands and then take the aeroplane back home or wherever you want to travel.

Where to Stay

Hotel & Appartment in Milos, Greece Vivere a Plakes
9.5 10
Vivere a Plakes
Plakes, Plaka Milou, 84800 Milos, Greece

The Cycladic-style complex Vivere A Plakes is located it the picturesque village Plakes, in Milos, just on the outskirts of the traditional capital Plaka. Adamantas port is at 4 km, while Milos National Airport is at 8 km. The beautiful beaches of Fyropotamos and Plathiena are at 1.1 km and 1.5 km.

Hotel in Ios, Greece Skala Hotel
Skala Hotel
Chora, 85500 Ios, Greece

Skala Hotel is located in Chora Ios only 200 meters from the center of the village. The famous Milopotas beach can be reached within a 20-minute walk. Ios Port is a 10-minute drive away.

Studio & Appartment in Milos, Greece Ilias Rooms
Ilias Rooms
Adamantas, 84801 Milos, Greece

Ilias Rooms are located in Adamantas in Milos within a 5-minute walk from the main port of the island. The distance from Milos Island National Airport is 6 km. Lagada Beach, shops, local taverns, supermarkets are within a short walking distance. Adamantas is an ideal place to start exploring the beautiful island of Milos.