S 5 truths about Greek Island Hopping no one tells you
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5 truths about Greek Island Hopping no one tells you

Cyclades ● Greek Islands ● 14 February 2018

Greek islands are unique destinations that are definitely worth the visit. And an undoubted fact is that they are so many, so beautiful and so interesting that it is really difficult to choose only one. This is why everybody speaks about the new trend, Greek Island Hopping. You book your vacation in Greece, but you don't stay in only one destination. Every day or every 2-3 days a new island. Cool? Surely! Island Hopping in Greece is a special experience you should live before you die.

However, Greek Island Hopping has some aspects you should take into consideration before deciding it. Of course, these problems can easily be overtaken, but it is wise to know them and have found the solution even before arriving in Greece. Planning ahead is always better than facing an awkward situation totally unprepared. 

Ferry tickets can be expensive

Yes, ferry tickets, especially in the Cyclades, can be expensive. Greece is an ideal country for holidays on a budget, but the thing with the ferry tickets is quite different because practically there is no competition between the major ferry companies. If you buy separated tickets for your route, then you have to pay more than 300€ to visit 3 or 4 islands.

Ok, don't panic, there is a solution: Greek Island Pass. With this exclusive pass, you pay the price of only one ticket, but you can do several routes with great flexibility and visit up to 7 islands. We don't joke, and that is not a sham! It is one of the coolest deals you can find (learn here more).

There is no total freedom

Greek Island Hopping is ideal for adventurous travellers, who want freedom, flexibility and new experiences. Every day a different island is something you can't easily pass by. However, don't make the mistake to believe that there is total freedom, that you can go whenever you want to any island you want.

Well, if you buy the Greek Island Pass, this flexibility is valid in your transportation by ferry or boat. But transportation is not the only thing you should take into consideration. Remember to book your accommodation on every island in advance. That means you have to make a plan of your stops and your vacation on the islands. Travelling high season has its disadvantages.

The Greek sun can be dangerous

Everyone tells you about the amazing Greek sun that shines constantly. This is true. It shines constantly, especially in the Cyclades in July and August. But you should be cautious. The exposure to this kind of sunshine can cause you heat- or sunstroke. Don't forget to wear you hat and apply the sunscreen protection on your full body before leaving the hotel in the morning.

Nausea on the boat

The boats and especially the ferries can cause you nausea during the journey. Especially the Aegean Sea has strong winds, so don't choose a ferry if you suffer from nausea. The best thing you can do is to travel by boat and sit on the deck watching the sea gulls following you. You can buy a cheese pie or crackers and feed them!

Overcrowded islands

Some islands are overcrowded. This is a truth you should remember when organising your Greek Island Hopping. If you are the type of traveller, who wants peace, privacy and relaxation, avoid Mykonos, Santorini, Zakynthos, Rhodes and Crete in the high season. Choose an off-the-beaten-path island or travel off season.

Where to Stay

Hotel in Athens, Greece Lotus Center
9 10
Lotus Center
95, Ermou Str., 10555 Athens, Greece

Lotus Center is located in the heart of Athens, in Monastiraki area, 20m from the metro station. These luxury apartments are fully renovated in 2016 and offer easy and quick access to all the attractions of Athens. The world-renowned Acropolis is at 1 km. Athens International Airport is at 45 km.

Appartment in Heraklion, Greece Matala Dimitris Villa and Hotel
Matala Dimitris Villa and Hotel
Matala, 70200 Heraklion, Greece

Located 12 km from the ancient city of Phaestos, family-run Dimitris Villa Hotel is on the coast of Messara bay, surrounded by trees, just 8 minutes from Matala beach.

Hotel in Athens, Greece Elizabeth Hotel
8.5 10
Elizabeth Hotel
46, Arkadias Str., 11527 Athens, Greece

Elizabeth Hotel is only 10 minutes away from Panormou Metro Station. Syntagma Square is just 4 stops away using the metro and the Eleftherios Venizelos Airport can be easily reached as it is directly connected with Panormou Metro Station.