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6 Greek islands to visit if you are completely stressed out

Arkioi ● Gavdos ● Koufonisi ● Paxoi ● Schinoussa ● Tilos ● 18 September 2017

We all know the feeling. The daily routine is exhausting, and our obligations are so demanding that the only thing we can do is going from one work to the other, watching our clock and hoping to be on time. Under these circumstances, in our vacations, we just want to relax, stop being so stressed out and find the peace away from the crowds. On these 6 islands from all over Greece, you can forget everything and enjoy moments of total relaxation.


Koufonisi is a complex of two tiny islands. Ano (=upper) Koufonisi has a small village (Chora) and astonishing beaches, while Kato (=under) Koufonisi is uninhabited, and has one exotic beach and a tavern. You can stay in Ano Koufonisi and visit Kato Koufonisi in a day trip by boat or spend the night in Kato Koufonisi as its impressive beach called Nero (=water) is a popular free camping spot for being ultimately in contact with nature. Koufonisi a safe choice for those, who want something in the middle. Authenticity and cosmopolitanism, calmness and fun, unorganised beaches, which have some taverns and beach bars. And of course, maybe the best crystal waters of all the Aegean Islands in a tiny island, which can be explored on foot.


Paxoi is the only small island of the Ionian Islands. Lush greenery and the most impressive, turquoise waters in Greece are the characteristics of Paxoi. If you love the green nature, the Italian-style towns and the peaceful aura of a small island, then, Paxoi is the ultimate destination for you, which is at the same time an elegant and cosmopolitan island in order not to get bored.


Arkioi is one of the smallest and least populated islands of Greece with only 44 people. It is located near Patmos, and when you visit this totally untouched island, you will feel that you have travelled back in time. The small port welcomes you, and the people there appreciate every single tourist, who takes the boat from Patmos and visit their island. In Arkioi, you will find unbelievable serenity, you can discuss with the hospitable people there, eat fresh fish at amazing prices and forget the noise and the expensive prices of the crowded islands.


The tiny island of Gavdos, which is located to the south of Chania, is an unexplored paradise between Crete and Africa. Gavdos is an exotic oasis, an islet that looks like belonging to Africa, with its free character and its nostalgic aura. The main beach of Gavdos is the beach of Ai Giannis, an impressive beach with cedar trees, dunes and soft, thick, golden sand. On this beach, rackets and every kind of noise are forbidden. You will see there only peaceful young people, with their guitar singing, laughing and having fun. On this beach, something else is also prohibited: the swimming suits. Ai Giannis is a nudism-friendly beach where all people feel free to be naked and experience the ultimate connection with nature.  Forget everything, forget modern civilisation and get lost on this island, which has as a trademark some goats and a chair on the top of a cliff, overlooking the Libyan Sea and the nearby island of Crete.


Tilos is a tiny island near Rhodes with a wonderful beach, Eristos, which attracts the fans of the free camping. The favourite destination of students and backpackers, Tilos is one of the islands near Rhodes you should definitely visit and an alternative destination with secluded beaches and small villages. The most touristic place is the port of the island, but you will be impressed by the village Mikro Chorio, a ghost village with abandoned buildings


Schinoussa belongs to the island complex of the authentic and wonderful Small Cyclades. It is perfect for those seeking something different, calmness and extreme beauty. Wild landscape, great hospitality, unspoiled scenery and azure waters make Schinoussa a heaven on earth where you can explore something really unique, an undiscovered part of the Greek islands away from the mass tourism. Plus, you can find there many cheap Greek hotels and have the opportunity for more days of vacations than usual.

Where to Stay

Hotel in Thassos, Greece Blue Sea Beach Boutique Resort
Blue Sea Beach Boutique Resort
Skala Potamias, 64004 Thassos, Greece

Blue Sea Beach Boutique Resort is located right on the sandy beach of Skala Potamias. Limenas, the capital and port of Thassos is 13 km away.

Appartment in Corfu, Greece Efi & Sofia Apartments
Efi & Sofia Apartments
Dassia, 49083 Corfu, Greece

Efi & Sofia Apartments is located in Dassia, just a 3-minute walk from the beach. Corfu Port is 10 km away while Corfu International Airport is 14.7 km away.

Studio & Appartment in Skopelos, Greece Yellow Stella Studios
Yellow Stella Studios
Skopelos Town, 37003 Skopelos, Greece

Yellow Stella Studios are located just 10 minutes walk from the main port in Skopelos town. The distance from the island's second main port, Glossa, is 23 km. The nearest beach in Skopelos town is 750 m away from the studios and there is a good bus connection to other popular beaches of the island.