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7 reasons to visit Epirus

Ioannina ● Ionian islands ● Metsovon ● Parga ● Zagorochoria ● 01 September 2017

Epirus is an extremely beautiful mountainous as well as seaside region of Greece, which gives you many reasons to visit it. Stunning villages, charming natural landscape, delicious wine from local wineries and wonderful islands nearby make Epirus the place to be if you are a fan of nature and peaceful vacations.


Ioannina, the capital of Epirus, is located around the beautiful Lake Pamvotida. The natural environment and the traditional character of Ioannina make it one of the most wonderful cities of Greece that is definitely worth a visit. The Castle of Ioannina is the oldest Byzantine fortress in Greece, and it was built in 528 AD by the Emperor Justinian. In the castle, you can see the outer wall, the citadel with the mosque and the old, walled town of Ioannina, one of the best-preserved old towns in Greece.



Parga is a top summer destination in the area of Epirus, and it is located in a secluded bay of the Ionian Sea. The colourful houses of this small town are constructed amphitheatrically along the slopes of a mountain. Except from the nice view of the sea and its medieval character, Parga offers also amazing beaches with exotic waters. 



Metsovon is a mountainous town, which has kept its traditional character and is characterised by the typical architecture of the area, the imposing mountains and the ski resort, where you can do ski and other winter sports. Metsovon is also ideal for a relaxing weekend in the fresh air and the fascinating scenery of the mountain.



Zagorochoria are mountainous villages in Epirus. They have kept their traditional, authentic character, and you will be impressed by the surrounding natural beauty with rivers, forests and gorges, but also the relaxing and captivating atmosphere of every single village, which is located in the wider complex of the area and charms every visitor with its stone-built houses and towers.


Mount Pindos

The whole area of Epirus is located on the mountain range of Pindos, known for its extreme beauty, the untouched natural landscape, the gorges and the rivers. For the lovers of hiking, canoeing and climbing, Mount Pindos is ideal, and the rare fauna and flora of the district make the place a heaven on earth.

Vikos Gorge in Pindos


The wineries of Epirus are famous all over Greece. A part of mountainous Epirus is perfect for viniculture. The Debina grape variety produces the region's PDO wine, PDO Zitsa. Debina renders light wines with vibrant acidity and refined aroma, and PDO Zitsa is made as a sparkling wine. Metsovon has earned reputation for its top wines produced by innovative and high quality wineries, which are considered some of the best in Greece. Cabernet Sauvignon is the dominant wine in the area, but the Vlachiko variety is becoming popular lately.

Ionian Islands

In a close distance to the coasts of Epirus, in the Ionian Sea, you can visit the Ionian Islands with their turquoise waters, the lush greenery and their traditional towns with the Italian architecture. The nearest islands are Corfu and Paxoi, which are considered to be the most beautiful and authentic Ionian Islands.


Where to Stay

Hotel in Ioannina, Greece Krikonis Hotel
Krikonis Hotel
10, Niarchou Str., 45500 Ioannina, Greece

Krikonis Hotel is located in Ioannina, close to the city center and close to the University of Ioannina. The National Airport of Ioannina is a 15-minute drive away from the property.