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7 things to do in Kos

Dodecanese ● Kos ● 10 March 2017

Kos, one of the most popular Greek islands you can visit with our amazing ferry deals, belongs to Dodecanese complex. Sandy beaches, rich history and vivid nightlife make Kos a part of heaven in Dodecanese.

1. Asklepieion

Asklepieion is the most significant archaeological site on the island. In the antiquity, it was a medical centre, and it was built to honour the God of Medicine and Health, Asklepios.  


2. Nerantzia and Antimachia Castles

Nerantzia Castle, or the Castle of the Knights, is located at the entrance of the Kos Port. It is a magnificent Venetian castle, built in the 14th century. On the south side of Kos Town, you can admire another Venetian Castle, built in the 14th century too, the Castle of Antimachia with a breathtaking view of the sea and the village. These beautiful castles give Kos Town a medieval atmosphere you will adore.

3. Roman Odeon

The Roman Odeon was constructed in the 2nd century BC, when it hosted hundreds of people, who gathered to watch fights between prisoners, like in the Colosseum of Ancient Rome. The Roman Odeon is a well-preserved sample of the Roman civilisation and occupation in Greece.

4. Ancient Town and Agora

Ancient Agora includes the remnants of the Ancient Town of Kos. In this archaeological site, you will explore, apart from the Agora, also the Gymnasium, temples, baths and houses with mosaic, columns and other well-preserved pieces of construction, belonging to several periods of the antiquity.

5. Archaeological Museum

The Archaeological Museum of the island, in the heart of Kos Town, exhibits findings of the Ancient Agora, the Asklepieion and other ancient sites of the island, giving the traveller the opportunity to learn about the history and the ancient culture of Kos.

6. Hippocrates Plane Tree and Cultural Centre

In the front of the Castle of the Knights, in the centre of Kos Town, there is a plane tree, under which, according to the myth, Hippocrates, the father of Medicine, used to teach his students. Of course, this tree is not the plane tree Hippocrates planted, since he lived in the 5th century BC, but obviously, a descendant of the original tree. Hippocrates is the symbol of Kos, and thus, a Cultural Centre in the village of Mastichari Kos is dedicated to him. Here, there is an exact replica of the ancient settlement, and many seminars of Greek philosophy are organised.

7. Top beaches

The majority of the beaches in Kos are sandy, with crystal blue waters and organised. They are considered to be among the most beautiful beaches of the Dodecanese islands. The most popular are Kefalos Kos, Lambi, Markos, Kardamena Kos and Agios Stefanos.

Markos Beach

Where to Stay

Hotel in Kos, Greece Aegean Houses
Aegean Houses
Lampi Area, 85300 Kos, Greece

Aegean Houses are located in Kos Town, just a 5-minute walk from the long, sandy beach of Lambi. Kos Port is a 6-minute drive away. Kos International Airport is a 30-minute drive away.

Hotel & Appartment in Kos, Greece Angela Apartments
Angela Apartments
48, Veriopoulou Str., Kos Town, 85300 Kos, Greece

Angela Apartments is centrally located in Kos Town, just 500 meters from the Port. The nearest beach is an 8-minute walk away. Kos International Airport is 23.3 km away.

Hotel & Appartment in Kos, Greece Golden Sun
Golden Sun
Tigaki, 85300 Kos, Greece

The family-run Golden Sun hotel is located in a popular summer resort Tigaki in Kos just 8 minutes walk from the long, sandy beach. The distance from Kos Town is 11 km, while Kos International Airport is at 16 km.