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Aegina, a heaven on earth so close to Athens

Aegina ● Athens ● Saronic islands ● 25 June 2017

Aegina is one of the islands close to Athens that are ideal for a day trip from the Greek capital. Located only 45 minutes by ferry from Athens, Aegina is a heaven on earth, an authentic island that is typically an Athens island, a part of a large city, which however can offer to its visitors everything that an island of the Aegean Sea has to offer. Beaches with white sand and crystal waters, a traditional harbour with beautiful places to walk, shop and eat seafood by the sea.

The first picture of Aegina is its town, a lovely harbour with neoclassical buildings, cafés and taverns by the sea. The best time to enjoy Aegina Town is on evenings, when the sunset colours the harbour with pink and orange hues, and the small white church at the edge of the jetty is in perfect contrast to the whole scenery. Have a stroll in front of the town, by the sea, and then, you can drink coffee or a cocktail in one of the numerous cafés and bars or eat in a traditional seafood tavern, overlooking the Saronic Gulf.

Aegina Town

Going to the northern side of the island, to the district named Plakakia, you will meet a wonderful beach with pine trees and on the top of the hill the column of an ancient temple, which has given this name (Kolona= column) to this beach. In general, this coastline, although it has not long and sandy beaches, has crystal waters and beautiful sunsets. 3 km from Aegina Town, is located the house, where the famous Greek author, Kazantzakis, lived.

The best beaches of Aegina are situated in the southern side of the island. Near the lovely fishing village Perdika, you can find 2 beaches (Klima and Kleidi) with soft sand and turquoise waters that will remind you of Cyclades, while in the district of Agia Marina, there is also a long beach with shallow waters, which is family-friendly.

On the island of Aegina, you can visit the monastery, where Saint Nektarios lived and died in the 20th century. Saint Nektarios is the patron saint of Aegina, and was a priest, who was sanctified only 50 years ago, being one of the Greek saints of the modern time.

Don't forget to visit also the famous ancient temple of Aphaea, which is built in a stunning location on the top of a hill, inside a forest of pine trees, having a breathtaking view of the Aegean Sea. The well-preserved temple of Aphaea is located within a sanctuary complex dedicated to the goddess Aphaea. This great Doric temple was built in the sixth century B.C. over the remains of an earlier temple.

Don't miss out, if you visit Aegina in September, the Fistiki (=pistachio) Fest, a major festive event, which wants to promote the cultivation of this unique product on Aegina. The pistachio of Aegina entered the list of products with Protected Designation of Origin thanks to its fame with the name of the island and its unique flavour that is different from other places. The Fistiki Fest is the largest commercial and economic event in the area with more than 20,000 visitors. The visitors will find there sweet and salty gastronomic delicacies from pistachio as well as creations of pottery, jewellery, craft and arts in green and fuchsia colours, the colours of the pistachio.

Where to Stay

Studio & Appartment in Aegina, Greece Eri Studios
Eri Studios
Agia Marina, 18010 Aegina, Greece

Eri Studios is located in Agia Marina, Aegina, just a 10-minute walk from the popular beach of the resort. The main town and port of the island is approximately a 20-minute drive away.

Hotel in Aegina, Greece Liberty II
Liberty II
Agia Marina, 18010 Aegina, Greece

Hotel Liberty II is located in the popular sea-side resort of Aegina, Agia Marina, just 3 minutes walk from the longest beach of the island. The main port of the island and the town is at 13.2 km. Aegina island can be easily reached with a ferry boat from Piraeus (Athens), or Agistri and Methana islands.