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Athens islands: amazing islands a breath from the Greek capital

Aegina ● Athens ● Cyclades ● Hydra ● Kea ● Kythnos ● Poros ● Spetses ● 09 May 2017

Near Athens, are located many beautiful islands, which you can reach by ferry in 1-2 hours (or by regular ship, but it is much slower than the ferry) from the Greek capital. These islands have wonderful beaches with crystal waters, traditional towns and villages, and they offer the feeling of being on an island. When you read this article, you will be surprised by the fact that in this list, are included famous and popular islands all over the world. Well, during your city break in Athens, you can spend a day or a weekend on one of these amazing islands. They belong either to the calm and family-friendly Argosaronic Gulf or Cyclades, where the breeze of the Aegean Sea is something unique.


In the Argosaronic Gulf

The islands in the Argosaronic Gulf have in common that they offer well-preserved tows, with neoclassical buildings, traditional taverns by the sea and beautiful promenades on the port. Their beaches are beautiful, with clear waters, but they are not as impressive and astonishing as the beaches of the islands in Cyclades. To these islands, you must take the ferry or the ship from Piraeus Port.


Aegina is the closest island to Athens as you can go there in only 45 minutes by ferry. The tip for Aegina is to buy pistachio from the shops with local products because the pistachio of Aegina is considered among the best in the world.


Poros is located 1 hour from Athens, and it impresses its visitors with its town, which is built amphitheatrically on a cliff, like on a cart-postal.


Hydra, located 1,5 hours from Athens, is one of the most popular islands in Greece. It became famous worldwide from the international film shot there, the Boy on a Dolphin (1957) with Sophia Loren. The popularity of Hydra is a result of the extreme beauty of Hydra Chora, one of the best-preserved towns in Greece, with stone-built houses on a cliff.


Spetses, 2 hours from Athens, is a must lately. During weekends, it gets very crowded thanks to its nightlife, the beautiful town and its luxury hotels and restaurants.

In Cyclades

The Cycladic islands near Athens, like all islands of Cyclades, are popular due to their stunning beaches, the whitewashed houses of their towns and the special atmosphere of the islands that located in the Aegean Sea. To Kea and Kythnos, you take the ferry from Laurio Port, to Serifos from Piraeus Port, and to Andros, Tinos and Mykonos from Rafina Port.


Kea (or Tzia) is the closest Cycladic island to Athens, only one hour by ferry. Wonderful beaches and a nice town make Kea an ideal destination for the weekend.


Kythnos is a very beautiful off-the-beaten-path island that offers you peace, privacy, relaxation, hospitality and astonishing beaches, like Kolona. Only 1,5 hours from Athens, Kythnos is the new destination that will become a trend after a few years.


Serifos, 2 hours from Athens, is an island with wild beauty, a romantic Chora on the cliff and some of the best beaches in Greece.


Andros is a big island with many wonderful beaches, two well-preserved traditional towns and green landscape, although it is located in Cyclades. Thus, one or two days are not enough to explore it, but it is located only 1,5 hours from Athens, so it is definitely worth a visit.


Tinos, 2 hours by ferry from Athens, will not impress you with its port and Chora, which is not typically Cycladic. However, Tinos has an amazing beach, Kolympithra, and numerous adorable villages, some of the best Cyclades can offer to you.


Mykonos, the most popular island in Greece, is located only 2 hours from Athens. Vivid nightlife, internationally awarded beaches and the most beautiful Chora of Cyclades are only some of the things that this cosmopolitan island has to offer to you.

Where to Stay

Studio & Appartment in Kea, Greece Okeanida
Gialiskari, 84002 Kea, Greece

Okeanida is located just a 5-minute walk from the popular Gialiskari beach. Kea Port is 2 km away from the property. Ioulida, the capital of the island, is 9 km away.