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Best beaches for snorkelling in Greece

Cyclades ● Dodecanese ● Ionian islands ● 19 July 2017
Snorkelling is a spectacular thing. An activity that can bring excitement and is well-loved by almost anyone. Delve into the deep blue and discover supreme unknown worlds under the sweet Greek waves. The clear and warm water in Greece gives you an abundance of gorgeous undersea life to explore, while plenty and mysterious shipwrecks  wait for you to discover them.

The incredible Greek beaches and crystal clear blue water are waiting for you to make your inexhaustible dives! The diving experience transforms into something more valuable when you visit places where the sea bottom is amazing. There are many destinations in Greece worth of exploring simply by wearing just your mask and a snorkel tube. Let’s get an idea about this activity...

What is snorkelling?

Snorkelling is an activity in which, by using a mask, snorkel, flippers, and an optional outfit, you swim on the surface of the sea, admiring the underwater world without necessarily diving in great depths. If you just know how to swim and enjoy the sea, you will relish the marine world significantly.

The human need to explore what lies beneath the sea drove humanity (since the ancient years) to create devices that would help us discover the underwater mysteries. The first reports of exploration regarding the seabed have existed since the Minoan era and the time of Aristotle.

Today with the evolution of technology and science we have the ability to use advanced equipment with specialised materials that allow us to enjoy exploring the water world. Those who are more daring could try scuba diving with oxygen bottles, spear fishing or free diving!

Snorkelling in Greece is an experience that combines exploration, fun and light athletic activity. You can start your adventures from the beach or even from a boat. Swimming on the surface helps you relax while you admire beautiful landscapes. Take yourself on an amazing journey and explore a magical new world. Greece offers the perfect conditions for snorkelling, especially in the Cyclades and the Dodecanese due to the clarity of the water and calmness that prevails the Aegean Sea. Snorkelling holidays in Greece are ideal because they combine a unique experience, stunning architecture, and traditional food.

Tip: the best time to go for snorkelling is early in the morning or late in the afternoon, one to two hours before the sun sets.

What you will mostly see beyond the sea surface is stones, rocks, sand, and other marine plants. There is also a variety of fish species, shells, and mussels. Take a close look while swimming next to a rock to see if an octopus might be hiding there! You might have the chance to see from a close distance sea turtles, dolphins, and monk seals! 

Bucket list destinations for snorkelling in Greece

Astypalaia Island

It is one of the finest islands in Greece for such an activity, located in the Archipelago of the Dodecanese. The wonderful Astypalaia with its calm, blue waters, has a shape that resembles a butterfly. Ideal for those who seek an alternative holiday destination, where one can get to know the authentic Greek life. You’ll definitely shoot the best underwater photos there.

Amorgos Island

For those who want to experience the Cyclades, Amorgos Island would be an excellent choice. The cinephiles might know that the movie "Big Blue" was mostly filmed there! Amorgos is not just an island with beautiful beaches. It is a starting point that can enchant you with its scenic landscapes. The seabed of Amorgos around spring and autumn is literally "blooming", as it acquires magnificent colours. 

Ios Island

The small and full of life Cycladic island with the 365 churches and the same amount of... bars, has its mysteries as well. Ios island might be notorious for its nightlife but it is can also offer you an unforgettable snorkelling experience. The beach of our choice is of course Manganari. 

Symi Island

Symi is an island that has a bit of everything: beautiful surroundings, nice taverns and wonderful waters for swimming. You will come here to rest! Symi is one of those islands where time seems to have stopped… Even though it has many visitors, it has kept its authenticity to a great extent. Symi is also famous for its yummy shrimp. You will also meet a lot of eels during your underwater exploration. 


A small town with great history, Parga is distinguished for its incomparable and rare beauty, the clear seas, the forests, the picturesque streets with the traditional houses that give the visitor the feeling of being on an island. Regardless of whether your purpose is to catch your own fish (spear fishing) or take underwater photographs or even wander for hours with a mask and a snorkel, the seabed of Parga is fascinating.


Tips for a safe snorkelling experience

The most interesting locations can be found in places where the road doesn’t take you. If you are lucky enough to have a boat, you will be able to go to more remote spots and have better results in your exploring expedition. The sea bottom there is full of life.

The best places for snorkelling would be around a sheltered bay area. Another choice would be a destination with shallow coastal waters where you can start your adventure away from the influence of the waves and tide. Better choose rocky places instead of the sandy ones. You can even ask the locals for more info to send you to the most significant beaches for such an escape!

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