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Best beaches in Greece: learn here everything you need to know

Crete ● Cyclades ● Dodecanese ● Ionian islands ● Northern Aegean Sea ● Sporades ● 19 July 2018
Greece has stunning beaches. Especially the Greek islands have unique sea colour and magnificent landscape. If the beaches are the main characteristic when you decide where to go, learn here everything you need to know about each island group. Thus, you can choose the best for you and do Greek Island Hopping exploring the top beaches in the Ionian and Aegean Sea.

Some of them are secluded, some of them peaceful and some other ideal for partying. In Greece, there are also beaches perfect for water sports. For the later, we recommend you to book before your departure a travel insurance in order to be safe!


The Cyclades have maybe the best beaches all over Greece because the astonishing beaches are literally numerous, located even in tiny islands. We gathered here for you the top of the top, but if you visit the Cyclades one thing is for sure: you will discover even more gorgeous bays and coves.

Super Paradise, Mykonos

Super Paradise Beach (Mykonos) is a beach with breathtaking beauty. Golden sand, turquoise waters, high quality touristic facilities and the typical Cycladic wild landscape around the beach create a wonderful landscape in Mykonos. Super Paradise is considered a party beach, with two beach bars and restaurants for having fun until night. It is also a gay-friendly and nudism-friendly beach.

Red Beach, Santorini

Red Beach (Santorini) is the most famous beach in Santorini thanks to its outstanding scenery. Black and red volcanic beach create a stunning setting, and the hot waters make the bay a natural spa. Although the waters are dark due to their closeness to the volcano, they are crystal clear, and the setting is impressive. People say that Santorini has not so good beaches, but the truth is that they have something totally different than the other beaches in the Aegean Sea: lunar landscape and imposing beauty.

Sarakiniko, Milos

Milos is the Cycladic islands with the most impressive beaches. Plus, they are literally numerous (more than 70). If we have to choose only one, we would choose the famous Sarakiniko. It is a moonscape that impresses with its white cliffs, the emerald waters and the waves hitting the volcanic rocks. It is literally a place you haven't seen before, a lunar landscape that looks like a bizarre painting.

Tsigrado, Milos

The second most beautiful beach in Milos is Tsigrado. Tsigrado is a non-organised, secluded small cove with white soft sand and gorgeous waters. The most impressive thing in this beach is the colour of its waters as well as the huge, rocky cliffs around it. In order to go to this beach, you have to hike though a path and then go down the cliff with a rope!

Gala, Koufonisia

Koufonisia are a complex of two small islands, and the one of them has so turquoise waters that you will feel like swimming in the Caribbean Sea. Gala, which means milk in Greek, is a breathtaking cave with azure waters that are combined with the white foams of the waves, giving this formation this name. The route on the wild rocks with a magnificent view of the Aegean Sea is just an experience, which can't be described by words.

Pori, Koufonisia

Pori, which is situated near Gala, is the best beach of Koufonisi, an impressively beautiful long sandy bay with calm azure waters. On the one side, the beach is perfect for sunbathing and swimming, and on the other northern side, the waves create a wild scenery with rocks and landscape like being in a desert. One beach bar and an elegant restaurant are perfectly combined with the natural setting, and you can literally spend there the whole day, admiring the beauty of Pori and forgetting everything else.

Kolympithra, Tinos

Kolimpithra is definitely the best beach in Tinos. Long and sandy, with huge waves and a wild landscape, this beach will offer you an unforgettable day by the sea. At Kolimpithra, something fun and friendly creates an alternative scenery with a funky beach bar. A VW campervan converted into a bar, driftwood furniture and umbrellas woven by local basket-makers have as a result a cozy atmosphere where you can drink cocktails, eat crepes and salads and enjoy the windiest beach on the island. On the other side, there is a calmer and more family-friendly beach, where you can relax on your sunbed.

Agios Pavlos, Amorgos

Agios Paulos in Amorgos is a wonderful, extraordinary sandy beach that can offer you calmness because it doesn't get too crowded in the summer, although it is the most beautiful beach in Amorgos. It is accessible by car, and although it is not organised, there are some tourist facilities thanks to a nearby restaurant. The unique beauty of this beach consists of its white sand and its strange shape that is exactly the opposite of other beaches, like a boat ready to depart!

Agios Sostis, Serifos

Agios Sostis is, the most beautiful beach of Serifos not only because of the small white chapel at the edge of the cliff but also because of the fact that there are actually two beaches, one on the northern and one on the southern side. Moreover, the sea waters are like everywhere in the Cyclades: crystal clear, calm and captivating.


In Dodecanese, there are two kinds of beaches. You will find either top organised beaches with every touristic facility you may need or totally untouched and virgin bays in off-the-beaten-track islands. Enjoy!

Faliraki, Rhodes

Faliraki is the longest sandy shore on the island. It can be very crowded during July and August, but the further you walk down, the more relaxing it becomes. The beach offers quality local restaurants and water sports amenities in a bay that makes you feel like being in California. It is the ultimate spot for youngsters and travellers that want to have fun, drink and dance all day long.

Paradise, Kos

The name of this beach is not a coincidence. The most exotic beach in Kos has turquoise sea waters, and it is surrounded by palm trees. Lying on the soft golden sand is a unique experience that will always be connected in your mind with the best summer of your life.

Marmara, Kasos

Kasos is an untouched by mass tourism Greek island, perfect for those searching for peace and secluded privacy. One of its greatest assets is the beach Marmara, which is considered as one of the best hidden gems in Greece. Golden sand, turquoise waters and the feeling that you have just discovered a virgin paradise, this is Marmara.

Eristos, Tilos

Tilos is the ultimate Greek island for backpackers thanks to Eristos. Eristos is the most famous beach of Tilos, where the former mayor put years ago external public showers and trash cans in order to attract the fans of free camping. Since then, Tilos and especially Eristos, this untouched bay, is the favourite destination of students and backpackers. 

Northern Aegean islands

The islands of northern Aegean Sea are unique, undiscovered destinations, where you can enjoy relaxation and contact with nature. The beaches there are stunning coves with deep blue and cool waters.

Mavra Volia, Chios

The beaches in Chios are distinguished by their gorgeous natural beauty, and most of them are partly organised. Mavria Volia took its name after its black volcanic landscape, which is really impressive. Don't be afraid of this colour! The bay is of course not dangerous!

Seychelles, Ikaria

Seychelles is the most famous beach of the island thanks to its weird name that reminds of exotic destinations. The name of this beach is not a coincidence. This pebbled, unorganised bay has turquoise waters that make you feel like swimming in the Indian Ocean. Follow the path from the main road, and you will reach a wonderful setting surrounded by rocky cliffs and bright pebbles.

Gkiola, Thasos

The green island of Thasos, near Kavala and Thessaloniki, has many stunning beaches with verdant nature, surrounded by pine trees. However, the most impressive place is Gkiola, an imposing rocky formation that creates a natural pool!

Mikro and Megalo Seitani, Samos

Mikro and Megalo Seitani are two off-the-beaten-path choices in Samos, These neighbouring bays are long and sandy with lush greenery and remarkably blue waters. They are partially organised and totally relaxing. You can swim and sunbathe there for hours enjoying the warm Greek sun on your face in this heaven on earth.


The Sporades have gorgeous beaches with emerald waters, white sand and majestic landscapes. Most of them are organised with famous beach bars, such as Koukounaries in Skiathos, but there are also coves, which are ideal for travellers seeking privacy.

Lalaria, Skiathos

Lalaria is the most beautiful beach on the island. It is a stunning landscape with sea caves and imposing rocks on a cove with white sand and emerald waters. The whole scenery is something more than exotic, a lunar setting, which will charm you and make you feel like having visited a totally unique world!

Koukounaries, Skiathos

Koukounaries is a typical beach of the Sporades, with long, sandy coastline and a forest of pine trees behind it. It is organised and has one of the most famous beach bars in Skiathos. There, you can spend your whole day, swimming, sunbathing, drinking and dancing with other young people and generally enjoying the beautiful landscape around you.

Agios Dimitrios, Alonissos

The beach of Agios Dimitrios on the island is an impressive cave you should not miss! White sand, crystal clear waters and the strange shape of the beach, which looks like a boat ready to start its journey, make this bay one of the most unique in whole Greece. Moreover, while you swim, you may see also swimming a Mediterranean seal Monachus Monachus because this protected species lives in the waters around Alonissos.

Magazia, Skyros

The beach of Magazia in Skyros impresses with its steep cliffs that create a breathtaking scenery as well as its emerald waters. Being the closest beach to Skyros town, Magazia gets crowded during summer, but it is definitely worth a visit. At the beachfront, there are nice traditional Greek taverns to enjoy fresh fish with this stunning sea view.

Ionian islands

The Ionian Islands have some of the best known beaches all over Greece. Words can't describe the beauty of these beaches, which in our opinion can easily be considered as the top beaches in the world!

Porto Katsiki, Lefkada

Porto Katsiki is considered among the best beaches in the Mediterranean Sea according to many international media. White sand, impressive waters and the imposing cliff above the cove create a picture that looks like an astonishingly beautiful painting. However, Porto Katsiki is one of the remotest beaches of the island, but it is definitely worth the drive.

Egremni, Lefkada

With remarkably blue and clear waters, surrounded by white, impressive cliffs, the long sandy beach of Egremni is a landscape you will never forget. It is partly organised, but you have to climb up and down a lot of stairs to reach Egremni, so be prepared for an adventure that is totally worthwhile!

Kathisma, Lefkada

Lefkada has numerous beautiful beaches! Kathisma has turquoise sea waters and fine sand, but one of its biggest assets is that it is located in a close distance to Lefkada Town. It is easily accessible by car, is organised and has vivid beach bars with all the facilities you may need.

Shipwreck Beach, Zakynthos

The Shipwreck Beach is maybe the most famous beach in Greece. It is an exposed sandy cove, which owes its name to the wreck of a ship called Panagiotis that is believed to have been a smugglers ship. The area of the beach attracts thousands of tourists yearly, but you can access it only by boat. This popular site is also a famous base jumping location. The beauty of the landscape, the colour of the waters and the combination of the golden sand with the shipwreck create a picture that is a trademark of the Greek islands.

Myrtos, Kefalonia

Myrtos is one of the most famous beaches in the Mediterranean Sea. It is a long coast with white sand and turquoise waters surrounded by steep cliffs. It is partly organised, but in the summer, it gets very crowded. The best way to visit it is to stay in Fiskardo, a nearby wonderful and traditional village, and then, explore this amazing beach on a weekday and not during the weekends.

Sidarion, Corfu

Sidarion Corfu is one of the most beautiful villages of the island, surrounded by lush, green forest. Near the village, is situated the Channel of Love (Canal d' Amour), an idyllic area with rock formations that create stunning coves and canals. According to the tradition, couples, who swim in the canal, will get married soon. Don't you want to swim there with your other half?

Voutoumi, Paxoi

Near Paxoi, is located the uninhabited small island of Antipaxoi, which has majestic beaches. The best of them is Voutoumi, a bay with amazingly turquoise waters and white sand. The moment the boat arrives, you will understand you have reached a hidden paradise!


Crete, the largest island of Greece, has everything: delicious local cuisine, well-preserved towns and significant historical sites. It also has some of the most wonderful beaches in Greece.

Preveli, Rethymnon

In Preveli, a river flows into the sea, passes from many palm trees and forms a lake near the sand. The beach is unorganised and unspoiled, but there are water sports facilities to explore the lake and the river. The beauty of the landscape is just breathtaking.

Balos, Chania

Located on the north western side of the island in the region of Chania, Balos amazes its visitors at first sight. White sand, turquoise waters and the feeling that you are swimming in a lagoon make this place an internationally awarded beach. You can reach Balos by boat from Kissamos.

Elafonissi, Chania

Elafonissi is an astonishing beach with white and pink (literally!) sand and exotic waters. Cedar trees reach the coastline creating a beautiful scenery. The beach is not organised, and only a few cantinas can be found there, but camping is allowed behind the beach.

Vai, Lassithi

In the region of Lassithi, is situated the beach of Vai, a shore you won't believe that it is in Europe. Surrounded by the largest palm tree forest in Europe, with 5,000 palm trees, Vai Beach is a beach that reminds of the exotic shores of Africa, Asia and Caribe. White sand, crystal waters and the warm sun make you believe that you have found the heaven on earth.

Gaidouronissi, Lassithi

From Ierapetra, a small town in the southern side of Crete overlooking the Libyan Sea, you can take the boat for an excursion to Gaidouronissi, a tiny island also called Chrissi. Crystal waters, golden sand and few umbrellas that do not spoil the landscape make this beach one of the most beautiful on the island.

Where to Stay

Hotel in Arachova, Greece Tagli Resort & Spa
Tagli Resort & Spa
Livadi, 32004 Arachova, Greece

Tagli Resort & Spa is a new five star hotel located in Livadi, just 7 km away from Arachova. The archaeological site of Delphi is 17 km away while Athens is 179 km away.

Studio & Appartment in Arachova, Greece Lykovrisi Rooms
Lykovrisi Rooms
Paionias Parnassias, 32004 Arachova, Greece

Lykovrisi Rooms is located in Arachova, close to Mount Parnassus. Amfissa is 32 km away while Athens is 170 km away.

Pansion in Alonissos, Greece Pension Galazios Kolpos
Pension Galazios Kolpos
Patitiri, 37005 Alonissos, Greece

Pension Galazios Kolpos is located in Patitiri, just a 3-minute walk from the Port of Alonissos. Patitiri beach is only a 4-minute walk away.