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Best beaches in Santorini

Cyclades ● Santorini ● 21 April 2017

Santorini is a wonderful island, with numerous, amazing things to do. Among these things, are also swimming and sunbathing in one of the unique beaches of the island. The beaches in Santorini are much different than the long, sandy Greek beaches, with their golden sand and the turquoise waters. The geographical features of the volcanic island, the wild landscape and the caldera created a special landscape with red and black colours that impress everyone.

1. Red Beach

Red Beach (Santorini) is the most famous beach in Santorini thanks to its outstanding scenery. Black and red volcanic pebbles create an astonishing setting, and the hot waters make the place a natural spa. Red Beach (Santorini) is located in a close distance to Akrotiri Minoan Site (Santorini), so you can combine the archaeological excursion with this beach.

Red Beach

2. Perissa

Perissa Beach (Santorini) is a popular tourist resort that provides you everything you need for a perfect day by the sea. Crowded beach bars, young people due to the famous camping, sunbeds, taverns, diving club and water sports facilities. Perissa Beach (Santorini) is an impressive shore with black sand, and in a close distance to it, are located the remains of Ancient Thera.


3. Vlychada

Vlychada is the most impressive beach in Santorini with extraordinary beauty. It is sandy, organised and nudism-friendly, but it is worth visiting mostly thanks to its lunar landscape that is one of a kind.


4. White Beach

White Beach (Santorini) is the cove next to the Red Beach (Santorini). Therefore, it is similar to the Red Beach (Santorini), with black, volcanic pebbles, but the surrounding cliffs are white.

5. Monolithos

Monolithos is a family-friendly long, sandy beach with a playground and a beach volley court. It is not organised, but it is surrounded by a few hotels, where you can eat or drink something.

6. Vourvoulos

Vourvoulos with its huge waves is the ideal spot for wind surfing. Although it is uncomfortable for swimming and it is also a secluded bay, if you are a fan of water sports that need strong wind, this is the place to be.

7. Kamari

Kamari Beach (Santorini) is located in the area of Kamari Santorini, which is a popular tourist resort and one of the most crowded villages of the island after Fira Santorini. It is located next to Perissa Beach (Santorini), with an enormous rock separating the two beaches. It is a fully organised beach, with sunbeds, many taverns, water sports facilities and diving club.


8. Perivolos

Perivolos Santorini is also a popular tourist resort with every facility you may need. Family-friendly, sandy and organised beach, Perivolos Santorini is a comfortable beach for a nice day with your children.