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Best kept secrets in Greece

Alonissos ● Amorgos ● Ikaria ● Ithaca ● patmos ● Paxoi ● Samothrace ● 19 December 2017

Alonissos Votsi Beach
On the island of Alonnisos in the Sporades archipelago in Greece, is the capital town called Patitiri. Patitiri is home to a tiny beautiful beach called Votsi on the beautiful bay of Votsi. Yes, the beach and the settlement share the same name. This little gem is worth finding, for the beach itself has room for few visitor, allowing you to feel like you have paradise all to yourself.  This Greek beach is accessible by stone steps from the main road, leading you to a sandy bay surrounded by lush green, and a nestled next to a harbor with small fishing boats, and a lovely must try traditional fish tavern.  You can expect to relax, and enjoy the picturesque pier along the bay giving way to the endless ocean.

Aerial view of the Hora of Amorgos
Amorgos is the easternmost island of the Cyclades island group. Amorgos’ Hora and castle hid from Pirates’ eyes, by a naturally fortified rocky cliff enclosed the Cycladic houses. You can expect to hike up to the castle for the most memorable view. The town of Amorgos is home to the maze-like Hora of Amorgos, which is considered to be the most picturesque in the Cyclades. Below you will find a traditional scenic Greek square that reflects an ancient Byzantine and Venetian past, with glorious whitewashed alleys, traditional guesthouses homes trimmed with bright colors, with their wells, and olive presses.

Sandy beach in Ikaria, Greece
Icaria is also spelled Ikaria and is an island in the Aegean Sea. Ikaria inhabitants have decided that they could do without many things. For instance, there are no shops, however, whatever may lack in modern entertainment and accommodation, is made up by what you gain in beaches. Ikaria has 13 glorious beaches to explore. Here are my three favorites.
Nas- a nudist beach is well known for the remains of the Sanctuary of Artemis, and an emerald river surrounded by greenery that leads to the sea. Above the beach, you can find marvelous taverns and lovely sunset views.
Seychelles- you will have to walk 15 minutes from the road before you find white sand, and a white peddles cove, with limestone cliffs on either side of the crystal azure waters.
Messakti- Two freshwater rivers intersect, and flow into the sea. There are several more taverns and beach bars, making this beach slightly more popular than the others, but that allows for loungers for rent.

Sailing in Ithaca
Ithaca or Ithaka is a Greek island in the Ionian Sea. Ithaca is famous as the mythical island of Odysseus. The Kioni Village of Ithaca is a traditional picturesque settlement. You can expect a lush greenery on the slope of a mountain, creating an amphitheater with tilled roofed houses overlooking the picturesque port. It is impossible not to fall in love with Kioni village from the vantage point of a sailboat. I recommend that you arrive by boat, or rent a boat to enjoy Kioni's bay individually, and peek into the 16th-century architecture or see what it was that inspired famous poet Cavafy to write his most potent poem.

It is well known among Christians, that St. John was exiled to Patmos, where he wrote The Apocalypse with the help of his disciples in a cave. Regardless of your beliefs, Patmos offers a wealth of historical treasures, the Byzantine and post-Byzantine icons, documents and holy relic’s glory and fame have spread throughout the world. You can expect to explore world heritage site of the Cave, and an 11th century AD Monastery of Saint John the Theologian built like a fortress labyrinth to evade threats and protect the manuscripts, and relics its houses. 

Paxi and Antipaxi
Paxi is the smallest island in the Ionian Islands, and Antipaxi is famous for wine, and the two most excellent sand beaches in the Ionian Sea. You must arrive at these small islands by sailboat, speedboat or ferry, but I guarantee you will be happy you came. You can expect to explore the lush forest, interspersed with grapevines, white cliffs, caves, and traditional cisterns if you can bear to leave the glorious beaches. I recommend trying the sweet dark wine,  from local grapes, and whose productions is quite small, so you likely won’t be able to enjoy it elsewhere.

Samothrace is a Greek island is the northern Aegean Sea. Mount Saos veiled the appeal of Samothrace from pirates so that you will find the traditional and authentic beauty of tiled roof, winding streets, and stonework. In Samothrace, you will find dozens of streams, and water rapids throughout the dense forest, full planes, waterfalls and hot springs hide within. If you follow the sound of running water, you will discover secrete natural pools and waterfalls.

Where to Stay

Hotel in Sitia, Greece Hotel Petras Beach
Hotel Petras Beach
Petras, 72300 Sitia, Greece

Situated right opposite the beach, Hotel Petras Beach enjoys quiet location just 1 km from the center of lively Sitia Town. Sitia Airport is at 7 km, while the port in the center of Sitia is 3 km away from the hotel. Agios Nikolaos port connecting Crete with Piraeus, Athens is at 70 km. The historic and busy capital of Crete, Heraklion, is 135 km away from Sitia.

Hotel in Milos, Greece Avra Pahainas Hotel
9.1 10
Avra Pahainas Hotel
Pachaina, 84800 Milos, Greece

The family-run Avra ​​Pahainas Hotel is located in a quiet area and offers accommodation in bright, spacious studios and apartments within easy walking distance to the 3 popular beaches of Milos Island. The nearest Kapros beach is within a 4-minute walk, while sandy Pahaina beach and Papafraga beach, also known as "a cave beach" can be reached within 6 minutes on foot. The distance from the main port in Adamantas town is 7.2 km, while Milos Island National Airport is at 10 km. The popular seaside resort Pollonia can be reached within a 5-minute drive.

Hotel in Laconia, Greece Limeni Village
Limeni Village
Limeni Areopolis, 23062 Laconia, Greece

Limeni Village is located in the small, seaside settlement of LImeni, close to Aeropolis. Kalamata International Airport is 88 km away.