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Best Places to Visit Greece in Winter

Crete ● Galaxidi ● Heraklion ● Kastoria ● Pelion ● Xanthi ● 18 January 2018

Best Places to Visit Greece in Winter

Greece is not all about the sunny days of summer, the endless beaches and the gorgeous Greek islands! Winter in Greece can be a unique travel experience no matter where you come from! Feel like skiing in the mountains overlooking a magnificent view over the Aegean sea? Hiking on the mountain discovering some wonderful stone built villages? Tasting some amazing local food? Winter in Greece offer you the chance to explore the secret face of Greece!

The stunning beauty of Kastoria

Kastoria is a town that stands our for the natural beauty of the mountains that surrounds it and the gorgeous lake that is located right in the middle of the town! Snow and cold weather are a common phenomenon during the winter but do not worry as the warm hospitality of the locals will warm your heart! This  beautiful town surprises its visitor with the local architecture, the magnificent little villages around it and, of course, the local cuisine that is just delicious! 
Do not miss the carnival that takes place at the beginning of the year called "Ragoutsaria" a traditional fiesta full of laughter, fun and live music that last four days and nights!


2. Xanthi, the cosmopolitan gem of Greece

Xanthi's myth goes back in the previous centuries where the tobacco industry was blooming. The town was one of the biggest centes of tobacco in Europe and for this reason entrepreneurs and aristocrats were having their houses in the heart of the town, where today lies the old town of Xanthi. The local architecture of the old town is just amazing, you will see some of the most beautiful buildings that will make you think that you are traveling to Manhattan of New York!
Check out the local galleries and artistic shops, the local taverns and the big market that takes place once a week.
You will reach Xanthi either by plane from Kavala and Thessaloniki airports which are relatively close, or by car. 

3. The fairy tale of Galaxidi

Galaxidi lies under the gorgeous mountain of Parnassos, right at the foothill of Delphi ancient sight and it is surrounded by the crystal clear water of the Aegean sea. A wonderful destination that is just two hours drive from Athens and offers quiet moments full of beautiful memories thanks to its unique beauty. Admire the stunning houses of the old captains- as the place is famous for its tradition in shipping- , its beautiful alleys and its amphitheatrical location overlooking a big, green park right at the promenade. Try some fresh fish, the catch of the day and the local dishes and wine!
Do not leave unless you try the homemade marmalades and sweets! If you happen to be here during the carnival do not miss the fiesta of "Moutzouris" that takes place the last Monday of Apokries, the period of the Greek carnival.


4. Pelion and the gorgeous mountains

Pelion is located northeast of Greece across the amazing Sporades Islands and its unique surrounding make it one of the most beautiful destinations in Greece all year round. You will find some of the most charming mountain villages in the country where local architecture, culture, history, tradition and nature are at their best! 
Milies, Makrinitsa, Zagora, the ski centre Chani and the exotic Damouchari on the beach- where the famous movie of Mama Mia was filmed!- are just some of the best places to visit when you are in the area.
Do not miss to try the local cuisine where traditional pies, fresh mushrooms and homemade sweets enrich your daily diet!
Pelion is a perfect destination for families, solo travellers and group of friends as it has a little bit of everything to satisfy every need!


5. Heraklion Crete, all time classic

Heraklion is the biggest town of Crete. It is a perfect choice for winter holidays as the temperature on the island is the warmest in Greece and the cold days do not last long! Sunny days and welcoming locals make Heraklion one of the most ideal destinations to visit during the winter where the touristic season is still low and you will find everything at lower prices. You can travel to Heraklion by plane from Athens or Thessaloniki or take the ferry from the port of Peiraias.
While you are here, do not miss the local Cretan diet where cheese, olive oil, and fresh vegetables are delicious!
Try also the local microbrewery that is flourishing lately!
Do not leave without a visit to Knossos ancient town! It is an unforgettable experience!


Where to Stay

Appartment in Kastoria, Greece Iaspis Guesthouse
Iaspis Guesthouse
Sidirochori , 52100 Kastoria, Greece

Iaspis Guesthouse is located in the small, traditional village of Sidirochori, approximately a 20-minute drive from the center of Kastoria. The closest airport to the property is Thessaloniki International Airport which is 223 km away.

Hotel in Kastoria, Greece Keletron Hotel
Keletron Hotel
52, 11th November Str., 52100 Kastoria, Greece

Keletron Hotel is built in a central location in the town of Kastoria, close to many important sights. Vitsi Ski Center is 24 km away. The International Airport of Thessaloniki is 220 km away.

Hotel in Kastoria, Greece Hotel Loggas
Hotel Loggas
Sidirochori, 52059 Kastoria, Greece

Hotel Loggas is located in the beautiful village of Sidirochori, 12 km away from the center of Kastoria. Vitsi Skiing Center is 19 km away. The International Airport of Thessaloniki is 223 km away.