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Best travel tips for women travelling solo

Greece ● 22 November 2017

Travelling solo is the best thing you can do if you want to spend time with yourself, be flexible to discover everything you want without having to take care the whole time of other people's wishes, relax and forget everything that worries you. Travelling alone is an unforgettable personal experience you will have, a gift you can make to your best friend, yourself. Plus, if your friends are very busy to come with you in your dream trip, travel solo is the only choice you have. However, it is better to choose this alternative way of travelling and feel really grateful for the precious moments you can spend with yourself in a whole new world that is waiting to be explored.

If you are a woman, you may consider if female solo travel is a good idea. The answer is yes. In Greece, it is safe for women to travel alone, and you can do your dream vacation in Greece without having to worry about anything. Of course, travel tips are always useful, and with this travel advice for female travellers, you can have amazing and safe moments.

Female traveller

Avoid get drunk

You can definitely have 1 or 2 drinks, but it is wiser to have the complete control of yourself in order to be ready to protect yourself, if it is necessary. Probably, you won't have to, but it is always better to prevent than to heal.

Don't walk around alone late at night

Even in the safest place in the world, even in your country, being a woman and walking alone very late at night in dark streets isn't the safest thing to do.

Talk to locals

Greek people are very hospitable, and they can help you out. Socialising is the easiest thing to do in Greece. People, young and old, will welcome you with their warm heartedness. Ask for advice, if you don't know where to eat or to drink coffee, and find the courage to speak to other people. The best place to meet new people is your hostel or hotel in Greece, but don't worry, you will have many opportunities to do that, if you are in Greece.

Trust your intuition

If you feel scared in a place or with a certain person, just trust your instinct and go away. Safety is much more important than politeness.

Don't show off your valuables

Expensive rings and earrings are not necessary while travelling, don't you think?

Dress appropriately

In Greece, there are no certain rules about women, such as dressing in a appropriate way, like in Muslim countries. However, dressing appropriately can save you a lot of trouble.

Do your research

Get all the information you need about the new destination before arrival. It is important to know if there are districts that are dangerous or ghettos and have an overview of the map and the places you want  to explore.

Avoid travelling by night

If possible, arrange to arrive at a new location in the light of day.

Manners is over-rated

When traveling in an unfamiliar terrain, it is crucial to avoid the fear of over-reacting. Don’t shy away if you feel something is off, react without thinking about whether or not it is warranted. More than likely you will never see that person again, so it really shouldn’t be an issue to act and react at the moment. Always trust your intuition when the taxi driver doesn’t seem legit, or when someone offers to escort you personally, don’t be afraid to blatantly refuse, or leave If you ever begin to feel uncomfortable in any way.


Depending on where you are traveling pickpocketing, or outright mugging could be a real possibility. My advice is, do your best not to be an easy target. If your location allows you to go to the bank reliably, I would recommend frequently taking out the cash as need per day. I know that this may not allow for the best exchange rate, but it is a small price to pay for safe keeping of your money. Depending on how much money you intend to keep on your person, I’d recommend allocating your funds to multiple holding spots. For example, dividing your spending money between your wallet, and money belt, or heck in an unused tampon applicator. My most significant rule of thumb, is I try never to hold more money than I am “ok” with losing. Heaven forbids, I find myself in a terrible situation, where my money is gone. The result of carefully holding and dispersing my funds allows me to have access to enough means to get home or continue my adventure safely. 

Keep Valuables hidden

Keep in mind not to flaunt your valuables. I know it seems obvious, but I often see people flaunting beautiful jewelry, flashing or counting their currency or adjusting their money belts in public. Be conscious that some people’s primary interests revolve around taking advantage of tourist.

Avoid Distractions

It is so great to wander in a new city, or a new country, be sure to take the time to enjoy it.  I wouldn’t listen to music with earbuds while wandering. Music will inhibit your ability to be aware of your surroundings and may make you an easy target.

Be confident

I know it sounds silly, but walk tall, with your head held high, like you are completely confident, and comfortable. When you meet new people, look them in the eyes when they address you. Presenting yourself as the confident women you are, makes you more like the kind of person people don’t want to mess with, and less of an easy target. 
Know the local scams- Every city or region has their popular scams. So wherever your wanderlust is taking you, make sure to investigate the prevalent scams, which catch tourist. I know it sounds trivial, but by scams, I don’t just mean apparent falsehoods. I mean scams, where you didn’t realize that taxis are only black, and never yellow like at home, guides who claim to be from your hotel to escort you back in a limo, or drifters who give you a rose as an opportunity to grab you. Be aware of cultural scams, and aesthetic standards and I guarantee you will be thankful for the ability to see a scam from a mile away.

Drunk is dangerous

Yes, have a few drinks but getting drunk alone in an unknown foreign place is dangerous. Be mindful of always being cognizant of your surroundings.

Dress to impress

Research what type of wardrobe is appropriate for where you are going. Proper attire will make you stand out less, and you will feel more comfortable culturally, as well as climate-wise.

Taxi mindfulness

Too often have people’s trip have gone from great to bad from leaving valuable things in a taxi. As a rule, always keep your stuff organized, and with you in the backseat. If you look at your passport, phone, wallet or whatever during the ride, be sure to put it back in its spot immediately. Being mindful of your valuables allows you to avoid unfortunate accidents or unrestricted to exit at any moment should you ever feel uncomfortable.

Transportation apps

Transportations apps like Uber or Lift will track in real time the driver, your route, current location, designated destination, as well as keeping both of your information in their system. Payment is also made through the app via credit card, giving you no reason to linger or exchange funds. Leaving you to feel safe, and secure while in transport.


Walking tours are a great way to get the lay of the land, and guides may point out spots you may want to return to without getting lost the first time.

Make friends

 Do something you would enjoy like take a cooking class, group run, or wine tasting, and take the opportunity to inquire about where or what you should explore next. Or look up some long-lost family member or a friend of a friend who now lives there.

After dark

Streets usually start to become less popular as the night wears on. Be conscious of walking down popular well light streets if possible.

Know when to splurge

It is great to find deals, and save money. However, beware of being too cheap. It is no fun being alone is some seedy hotel, in a lousy location by yourself. It is always worth a taxi or Uber when you find yourself out late at night, instead of walking. Or paying slightly more for train/bus/flight during the day to avoid the cheap but deserted transportation of night travel.

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