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Celebrities who love Greece and show it off -part 1

Acropolis ● Crete ● kefalonia ● milos ● mykonos ● paros ● Patmos ● rhodes ● Santorini ● 06 July 2017

Who wouldn’t like to enjoy the Mediterranean sun, crystal clear water, astounding beaches, and relaxed lifestyle? International celebrities, fashionistas, and trend-setters have made their way around beautiful Greek islands like Santorini, Mykonos, Milos, and other stunning destinations. Below you can see a list of some major celebs who show their true love for Greece by making glorious statements about the time they have spent there. 

Monica Bellucci

The attractive Italian actress has shown a deep love for our country. It is well known that every summer she travels to her preferred island, Paros. The gorgeous actress and fashion model has also visited plenty of times one of the most cosmopolitan destinations in elegant Greece, Mykonos Island.

Johnny Depp

The famous Hollywood star has chosen in the past Mykonos and Santorini  for his vacation. He always chooses to move under extreme secrecy. It is said that now, he is a true “pirate of the Aegean” since he bought the island of Stroggili in the Dodecanese, between Marathi and Patmos.

Sarah Jessica Parker

The famous actress really loves the Greek cuisine as well as the Greek products. When a reporter from Vogue asked the question about which country is her favourite, the successful actress replied “Greece”! Some years back, she and her husband, actor Matthew Broderick, were seen island-hopping in Greece. In another interview for Glamour Magazine, she said that even though she would never move out of the favourite city, New York, if she had to choose another ideal place, that ought to be Greece, because she adores this country!  


The popular pop singer on her earlier tour stopped in Greece. She was found in Crete  and the photos she uploaded to her account on Instagram made the round of the world. It is worth mentioning that her account has over 12 million followers.


Madonna was so enchanted by her last visit to Ithaca, after which she decided to invest and get her own home on the island. It is no secret that Greece and the islands are among the most preferred destinations for the summer. In 2010, she was found in Mykonos, an island she has chosen several times in the past. She did manage to get to the “Island of the Knights” as well as. Thousands of tourists from all parts of the Earth visit the "emerald island" of Rhodes  every year, to enjoy the gorgeous sea, spectacular nature, and striking sightseeing.

Jon Bon Jovi

The amazing and adored singer often visits Greece. A few years ago, he visited Athens and Mykonos. After his concert at OAKA, he returned to Greece and chose to spend his days in the Ionian Sea, where he visited Corfu, Kefalonia, and Ithaca. He is a fan of Greece and he proves it since the past year he has popped in our country at least four times!

Jennifer Lopez

The famous singer and actress had an amazing day on the Acropolis some years ago. She has given us some memorable quotes about Greece after her visit: 
"If I was the prime minister of Greece I would make all possible investments and efforts in tourism! Greece is the most beautiful country and that's enough to overcome any crises!" 
"The photographing at Parthenon was the most incredible experience! I am soon coming to Greece again, this time for vacation!"

Hugh Jackman

The renowned actor for the role of Wolverine has specified that "It is true that I have Greek roots. Two generations ago the name of my family was Bellas, and I feel that I am a Greek by blood.". He and his family have recently visited Mykonos.  

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