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Celebrities who love Greece and show it off -part 2

Kefalonia ● Messinia ● Mykonos ● Paros ● Patmos ● Santorini ● Sifnos ● Skiathos ● Spetses ● Syros ● Zakynthos ● 07 July 2017

Greece is one of the most cosmopolitan destinations for travel, as many famous people from Greece and abroad choose it for their summer holidays. These celebrity visits have given a great tourist boost to the country after they had caught the interest of the media. In the earlier blog post “Celebrities who love Greece – part 1” we covered some of those recognisable faces. The world's international jet set choose to spend their vacation and enjoy the beauties of Greece, let’s see the rest of them… 

Goldie Hawn– Kurt Russell – Kate Hudson

Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russel are particularly fond of Greece. They have visited this exquisite country for their summer holidays in Skiathos in recent years. Hood's daughter, Kate Hudson, loves Skiathos itself and we often see her in the streets of the island. Indeed, they have also bought a home on the beautiful island of the Sporades.

David and Victoria Beckham

The distinguished couple often chooses Greece as their vacation retreat. In one of their visits, they’ve stayed at a well-appointed hotel in Pylos, Messinia. Their millions of followers got a close glimpse of the magnificent landscapes of Greece when the Beckhams shared their holidays on Instagram. Snapshots of incredible sunsets and images from the family having an enjoyable time boosted Greece’s reputation a bit more… 

Catherine Zeta Jones- Michael Douglas

The couple recently visited Athens and the Acropolis Museum. They also made a tour around the Greek islands. To be more specific, they chose the Ionian Sea for their tour. Zakynthos was the first stop of their journey, and then they headed to Kefalonia. Michael Douglas has often admitted that the Greek islands are one of his beloved destinations.

Angelina Jolie 

The Oscar-winning actress, one of Hollywood's leading professionals, has said in a previous interview that she really loves Greece and she doesn’t like it when the time of departure comes. For the last few years, she used to visit the Greek islands, with Mykonos and Santorinibeing their first choices. 

Brad Pitt

The famous actor has said that he has visited Greece several times before and absolutely loved it. In his opinion, it is one of the most beautiful places on the planet! Before the break-up, Brad and his ex-wife Angelina Jolie were looking to buy a Greek island in the Ionian Sea.

Russell Crowe

When Russell Crowe visited Mykonos, he caused a stir in the social media world, as everyone was trying to figure out where the actor is. Leaving Greece, he wrote to his Twitter: "I do not know how I have lived 49 years on this planet and have not visited the Greek islands again. So beautiful. Hello, Mykonos! I'll be back!"

Leonardo Di Caprio

Hollywood's attractive star has visited the lovely island of Spetses  in the past. "Greece has taken my breath away," he said. He admitted that Greece was certainly one of the most beautiful places that he had ever been to, and praise the amazing islands for being a great combination for a delicious food experience, history, of course, culture. Greece is a must-see destination, the mesmerising landscapes will make you feel like living in paradise, and the Greek food will animate your senses… 

Tom Hanks

The Oscar awarded actor, Tom Hanks, is another well-known Grecophile, who has never hidden his love for the Greek culture. In the past, he once stated that he felt “110% Greek”. He spends most of his summer vacation in Greece with his family. His wife, Rita Willson, is a Greek descendant. The couple mostly enjoys its summer time in Antiparos, a small but charming island located just next to Paros. 

Richard Gere

One would say that the best ambassador of Patmos is Richard Gere. The Hollywood star visits the island for 17 years, and he plans to buy a home there. That particular island seems to be an ideal destination for meditation.

Emir Kusturica

The Serbian director recently bought a house in Sifnos. By doing this he showed the entire world how much he loves to visit Greece. Sifnos Island is an excellent choice for food and drinks with its lovely beach bars and seafood tavernas. 

Steven Spielberg

The renowned director has been found many times in Greece and indicated that "It is a country with excellent natural beauty and exceptional people. I am proud to be able to visit her often ".

Harrison Ford

The famous actor visited Ermoupolis of Syros  in the past and enjoyed the frequent walks around the picturesque houses.  Syros is an island that you can visit any time of the year. The island is rich in history and has a superb scenery.

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