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Chios: unique beauty and medieval atmosphere

Chios ● 29 April 2017

Medieval villages, majestic mansions, significant museums and rich cultural, maritime and gastronomic traditions. This is Chios, a magnificent island.

The signature landmark of the Main Town is the Castle, which dates back to the 9th century, with a Byzantine structure that was later incorporated into the Genoese fortification. You should also visit the Giustiniani Mansion, the residence and administrative centre of the prominent Italian family, which nowadays, is used as an exhibition space. Of the Ottoman history of Chios remind the Ottoman cemetery, the hamam as well as the Bayrakli Mosque, which is located within the walls of the Castle, and the Mecidiye Mosque, which today, hosts the Byzantine Museum. Worth visiting are also the Maritime Museum,the Municipal Gardens, filled with flowers and palm trees, the Archaeological Museum and the Koraes Public Library, which is considered to be one of the most prominent libraries in Greece.

Kampos is a Genoese settlement that flourished until 1822. If you want to learn the entire history of the area, visit the Citrus Museum, where you will also find delicious delights, such as amygdalota (=almond cookies), mandarin vanilla spoon sweet and orange or cacao flavoured loukoumi. Mansions of unique architecture and scented citrus orchards make Kampos a place you should definitely explore.

Chios is called the land of mastic thanks to its 24 villages, the Mastichochoria, which took their name from the mastic trees, a precious source of wealth for the island of Chios. Medieval ambience, towers, arched doors, impressive architecture, traditional cafés and outstanding landscape are the characteristics that will make you adore these historical villages. Don't forget to visit the Chios Mastic Museum, located in the village of Pyrgi, which is a modern museum that informs you about the cultivation and processing of mastic over the years in Chios.


The best excursions you can make in Chios are Nea Moni, a monastery, which has been declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site, Avgonyma, a medieval village that will steal your heart and Anavatos, an abandoned medieval village of extraordinary beauty. Volissos is said to be the birthplace of Homer, while in Daskalopetra Beach, Homer taught his pupils. On the eastern side, Vrontados is a small seaside town that is well-known for the Easter tradition of rouketopolemos (rocket war).


The best beaches in Chios are Emporios, Mavra Volia and Karfas, which are characterised by their gorgeous natural beauty and are organised.

Mavra Volia beach

Where to Stay

Hotel in Chios, Greece Archontiko Riziko
Archontiko Riziko
Kampos, 82100 Chios, Greece

Archontiko Riziko is located in Kampos, Chios, a 15-minute walk from the beach. Chios National Airport is only a 5-minute drive away. Chios Town and Chios Port are approximately a 10-minute drive away.

Hotel in Chios, Greece Ermioni
Agia Ermioni, 82100 Chios, Greece

Ermioni is located in the village of Agia Ermioni, just a 11-minute walk from Megas Limnionas Beach. Chios Town and the Port of Chios are 10 km away. Chios National Airport is 7 km away.

Hotel & Appartment in Chios, Greece Almiriki Hotel Apartments
Almiriki Hotel Apartments
Lithi Beach, 82102 Chios, Greece

Almiriki Hotel & Apartments is located in a beautiful natural port of Lithi, in a small fishing village on the western coastline of Chios, just 5 meters from the beach. The distance from Chios town is 25 km, while the Chios National Airport is at 27 km.