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Crete the autonomous island

Aegean islands ● Agios nikolaos ● Chania ● Crete ● Iraklio ● Rethymno ● 13 July 2016

Crete the autonomous island

Agios Nikolaos

Crete is the largest island in Greece and the 5th largest in the Mediterranean. Its capital is Heraklion which is the largest town of the island. Crete is located 160 klm south of the Greek mainland, north of the Libyan Sea and it is the natural southern border of the Aegean Sea. It is part of the regional unit of Greece and it is divided in four departments: Heraklion, Chania , Lasithi and Rethymnon .

Crete is the most southern edge of Europe on the crossroads of three continents and five seas. For centuries it has been a meeting point for different nations, a melting pot of ancient, miscellaneous civilizations. It is a unique blend of elements due to the creative incorporation of varietal cultural elements in a natural scenery of staning beauty.

Its history began 9.000 ago, the first historic reference was made in 7.000 B.C. John Evans discovered Knossos. This was the symbol of a mighty and wealthy kingdom, of a civilization that is considered the most ancient one on the European continent. It flourished between 5.000 - 3.500 B.C.

Eventhough Crete is part of Greece it could be an autonomous island since it has very developed agriculture and due to its warm climate its produces goods which cannot be found in the rest of Greece (avocado, banana, cherry tomato etc.) Also it has no lack of up to date infrastructure and facilities - like many smaller islands of the Aegean Sea - a fact which makes life on this island comfortable and safe.