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Did you know that these amazing historical monuments are located in Athens?

Athens ● 16 June 2017
Athens is worldwide famous for its culture and history as well as for the significant museums and archaeological sites, which prove that Athens is the cradle of western civilisation. However, not many people know that in Athens are situated some of the most important monuments and symbols of democracy and culture that ancient Greece gave to humanity. Everyone knows Acropolis, but did you know that under the hill of Acropolis is located the theatre, where the first performances of drama took place? Read this article and be impressed by amazing facts about the historical sites in Athens.

The ancient Theatre of Dionysus
Under Acropolis Hill, you can visit the ancient Theatre of Dionysus, the theatre where the performances of ancient drama took place. In ancient Athens, there was a contest, in which famous plays, such as Antigone of Sophocles or Lysistrati of Aristophanes competed. All the famous plays of ancient tragedy and comedy have been performed in the ancient theatre of Dionysus.

The first weather station in the world
The Tower of the Winds is located in the Roman Agora. The 14 meters tall monument was built around 50 B.C. by Andronicus of Cyrrhus, and it is also called Aerides, which means Winds. The Tower of the Winds functioned as a timepiece, and its structure features a combination of sundials, water clock and wind-vane. In antiquity, it was topped by a weathervane-like Triton that indicated the wind direction. A frieze depicted the eight wind deities, and there were eight sundials. In the interior of the Tower, there was a water clock, which was driven by water from the Acropolis. The height of the Tower of the Winds intended to place the sundials and the wind-vane at a visible spot of the Agora, making it an early example of a clock tower.

Tower of the Winds

The place where ancient Athenians voted
In Filopappos Hill, in Thiseio, is located Pnyx, the place where the ancient Athenians voted. Pnyx was used for the popular assemblies in Athens since 507 B.C., being one of the most important and earliest sites in the creation of democracy. Pericles, Aristides, Demosthenes and Alcibiades spoke here, at the speaker's platform, which you can admire today. Pnyx was the meeting place of the earliest known in the world democratic legislature, the Athenian ecclesia.

The prison of Socrates
On the slopes of Filopappos Hill, is also located the prison of the famous philosopher Socrates, who was imprisoned and finally executed in this cave-like structure. It is impressive to know that the man, who established the philosophy in the western civilisation, lived and died there.

Epigraphic Museum
The Epigraphic Museum is the largest of this kind in the world. It safeguards 14,000 Greek inscriptions, which cover the period from early historical times since late Roman Times (1,200 B.C. - 300 A.D.). There, you can admire significant inscriptions that mention laws, historical facts, votive offerings and funerary inscriptions that are connected with important moments of ancient Greece, such as the Peloponnesian War, the drama performances and the operation of democracy.

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