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Discover the hidden gems of Samos

Aegean islands ● Samos ● 27 September 2017

If you have just booked your accommodation in Samos and you want an insider's guide to its hidden gems, you read the right article. Because Samos is something more than its charming villages with the well-preserved neoclassical houses by the sea, like Pithagorio, Kokari, Karlovasi and Vathy, or its sandy beaches with the emerald cool waters of Aegean Sea. Samos is a place where history and culture meet the natural beauty in a stunning scenery.


Samos is the birthplace of Pythagoras, Epicurus and Aristarchus, a great island of the ancient world. The most impressive sample of the ancient history of Samos is the Tunnel of Eupalinos, the cradle of engineering. Eupalinos, the genius engineer from Megara, managed to dig a tunnel through a mountain in Samos using basic measuring tools and complex mathematical calculations. Two teams were digging their way through the mountain, and they managed to meet midway in this tunnel of 1,036 metres length and 1,80 metres width and height, after having extracted 7,000 cubic metres of rock.

Heraion is also an ancient site you should definitely visit. In Herodotus day, Heraion was the biggest temple in Greece, so if you are a fan of Greek ancient history, this place is a must.

Don't forget to visit the interesting museums of Samos. The Archaeological Museum in Vathy hosts a 5,25-metre-tall kouros statue, and the Museum of National History in Mytilinii village is the perfect spot for you and your family where you can learn everything about the flora and fauna of the island. In the Wine Museum of Vathy, you can be informed about the wine-making procedure and taste the famous wines of Samos, such as Samiot semi-sweet wine.

In terms of beaches, off-the-beaten-path but at the same time wonderful options are the unexplored beaches of Mikro (=Small) and Megalo (=Big) Seitani, which have gorgeous turquoise waters. If you want something different, you can swim in the Potami district of Karlovasi in the icy rock pools at the waterfalls of the area.

For fresh fish and delicious seafood, the seaside villages of Avlakia and Balos have traditional taverns by the sea in a beautiful scenery. To taste local Samiot dishes, such as katimeri, pies, chickpea fritters and cured paspalas pork, the mountainous village of Manolates has great eateries. You can reach this undiscovered village via a lovely route through a plane forest, eat and then drink coffee in the main square with the neoclassical houses and the cozy atmosphere.