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Easter customs around Greece

Greece ● 03 April 2018

Easter in Greece is a special celebration that is accompanied by many customs all over Greece. Some of them are to be found in every island, village and town of Greece. For example, the red eggs, the roasted lamb, the Representation of Crucifixion on Holy Thursday, the Epitaph on Holy Friday or the thousands candles on Holy Saturday waiting for the Resurrection. Generally, Greek Easter with its traditions is something different and fascinating even for other Christians. But, some places in Greece have unique customs that will impress you.

In Corfu, is being celebrated the First Resurrection of Jesus on Holy Saturday morning. Upon its completion, the bells ring joyfully, and clay pots are tossed from house balconies and windows onto the streets in the main square of the Old Town, which is a true jewel of beauty with the well-preserved neoclassical mansions.

Chios, the island of mastic, is known during Greek Easter for the tradition of the local people to throw homemade firework rockets to each side of the island, creating a fantastic scenery. Especially in Vrontados village, this sight is just spectacular.


Leonidion, a small beautiful town in Peloponnese, is known for a lovely custom at the night of Holy Saturday. After the Resurrection, hundreds of homemade hot air balloons are released in the air creating a spectacular sight and lightening the sky.

Arachova, the trendy mountainous villages on Mt. Parnassus, has an interesting tradition. On Monday, after Easter Sunday, is celebrated the local protector, Saint George, and his icon is carried around the village. Then, it is organised a three-day fest, where the locals wear traditional customs, eat and dance.

In Monemvasia, the medieval castle town in southern Peloponnese, on Holy Thursday, the children build with sticks a wooden model of Judas. On Holy Friday, when the Epitaph is over, the effigy is being burnt.


Kalamata has the custom of Saitopolemos (war with fireworks) that dates back in the Greek Revolution of 1821 against the Ottoman Empire. Saites are handmade fireworks, filled with paper and powder, which are used by men wearing local costumes.

In Hydra, the magnificent island near Athens with the stone-built mansions in its port, the Epitaph on Holy Friday, is brought onto the sea in order to bless the waters around the island.

In Folegandros, the wild Cycladic island with the breathtaking Chora on the chill, the silver icon of Virgin Mary is brought down to the port, Karavostasi, in order to bless the boats. The icon blesses also all the houses of the Chora going door to door, as local people welcome the icon preparing delicacies and offering them to the strangers.

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