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Exotic destinations in Greece, dive into turquoise waters

Alonissos ● Ikaria ● Kastelorizo ● Kefalonia ● Lefkada ● Milos ● Skiathos ● Zakynthos ● 22 June 2017
Papanikolis Cave - Lefkada

Papanakolis Cave located on the island of Meganisi, almost 12 nautical miles from Lefkada island and its famous village Nydri. This remarkable cave is the second largest cave in Greece. It was named after a famous submarine, Papanikolis, which is believed to have tucked away inside this huge cave after its "lighting war" on the Italian armada. An awesome experience, especially for the ones visiting  Lefkada island  for the first time

Lalaria - Skiathos

An exceptional beach, one of the best in the Mediterranean Sea and probably the greatest beach on Skiathos island. With its incredible white pebbles (which is what lalaria means in Greek) and rocks, this magnificent place resembles the lunar landscape. Turquoise blue waters, with green and dark blue touches with catch your eye at first sight. Combined with the white of pebbles and boulders, the final result makes up a unique scenery. You can reach this hidden gem only by boat, but it's well worth it!

Lalaria in Skiathos

Blue Caves - Zakynthos

If you ever visit Zakynthos island, the West Coast offers one of its most stunning views.  Once again, this marvel of nature is only accessible by boat. You have to be lucky as far as the wind is concerned since the area can get a bit wavy sometimes. The blue colour of the waters is reflected in such a way, that when the sun rays go through it, they create a vibrating and striking result! This beautiful reflection between the sea and the sky creates a dreamy atmosphere, that when you set eyes on it, you will definitely want to dive in... Better yet if you manage to be there right on time to enjoy the marvellous colours during sunrise or sunset. Truly a living painting... 

Wreck Beach Zakynthos

Probably the most spectacular beach for many who have visited the island, located in the north-west shore of Zakynthos. The famous shipwreck, called Panagiotis, lays on this beautiful white sandy beach. The shipwreck is also known as ‘Smugglers Cove’. Do ask the locals, if you can't manage to find it yourself, on how to get to a small viewing platform located some 600ft above the wreck. There, you can take your shot as if you were a professional photographer. The panoramic view will astound you!

Shipwrreck Beach in Zakynthos

Seychelles, Ikaria

One of the world's most magical hidden beaches can be found on Ikaria island. This breathtaking beach with its turquoise waters, resembles exotic beaches that can match the ones in the Caribbean or the Vietnam. In case you fancy having your vacation away from the crowd, this still relatively undiscovered private paradise is a destination you can't miss. The majestic scenery combined with the breathtaking water reflection, covered with sand and bright pebbles and surrounded by beautifully staged rocks complete the masterpiece to the fullest extent possible. Seychelles Beach is a wonderful setting that will have you say "wow" in a heartbeat!

Blue Cave Alonissos

An excellent location - especially for those who love snorkelling or diving into crystal turquoise waters - would be a trip to the Northern Sporades and more specifically to Alonissos. There you can find one the most beautiful caves in Greece, the Cave of Alonissos. You could combine your exploration with a visit to the National Marine park of the island as well. The best option would be to choose a more private excursion by renting a boat (in the permitted area). If the weather allows for the boat to approach close enough, you surely have to swim inside the blue cave and take some nice dives from the boat! It is certainly going to be a unique experience for every traveller.

“Blue Grotto” in Kastelorizo 

The Blue Grotto Cave is a totally magical place to visit. One surely must see it, to understand and appreciate its beauty. Every thought in your mind will be taken over by a sense of calm and serenity, that is a fact. From the moment you enter the cave, you will be amazed at the stunning scenery. The guides take the time to explain the history of the place, as they bring you through the cave, following the root to take you from the one side to the other. Kastellorizo, such a remote natural paradise, is one of the most peaceful islands the Mediterranean Sea. With little human interference, dolphins and turtles thrive in this region. There is a great chance of you meeting these amazing creatures in a close distance! Prepare your cameras for the best shots of your life...

Melissani Cave Kefalonia

The Lake Cavern of Melissani is located about 2km north-west from Sami, on Kefalonia island. The greatness of nature is pictured in this magnificent landscape. The collapse of a section of the roof has created a real sight for sore eyes. Melissani Cave got its name after the nymph, Melissanthi. The sunken lake is a must-see destination, for every nature and landscape lover. An artificial entrance with stairs is being used nowadays, which was discovered by John Petrochilos in 1951. The cave is as if it came out of a movie. An enchanting landscape that makes you imagine that this would be the home of the fairies, bringing to life the world of myth and fantasy. This destination is a unique geological phenomenon, where you can see stalactites aged 20.000 years! The lake is about 160m long, odd shapes adorn most of the cave, while the depth of the water ranges from 10-40 m.

Papafragas Beach Milos

Milos, being one of the most eye compelling islands in the Cyclades, has a lot to offer to travellers who love natural landscapes. One of the most impressive sites of Milos is the beach called Papafragas. In the past, it was used as a pirate base, and frankly, it is more of a sea cave than just a beach. Its idyllic landscape combined with the crystal-clear turquoise waters, almost resembles a huge natural swimming pool! Being in one of the top beaches of the island, prepare yourself to take some amazing photos, that will make your journey unforgettable! If you follow the tiny path, you’ll find yourself at the bottom, where the small strip of sand that forms the beach awaits. Go ahead and swim around. As you start exploring, the experience is going to pay you back for the steep path you had to cross. 

Papafragas in Milos

Kleftiko Beach Milos

The famous cove of Kleftiko is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Milos island. The meaning of the name given to this extraordinary landscape is Bandits' Lair, as it used to be an old pirates' hideout in an era long ago! Kleftiko is famous for its crystal-clear waters, spectacularly formed caves and impressive  rock formations. This masterpiece of nature is of course, as plenty other hidden gems, only accessible by boat. For this reason, sailboats for hire organise daily cruises and include it as a must see destination during the summer months. By taking one such sailing trip, you will have the chance to spend 2-4 hours for swimming or snorkeling. They even offer a cookout on the beach!

Where to Stay

Hotel in Paralia Niforeikon, Greece Koralli Beach
Koralli Beach
Niforeika, 25200 Paralia Niforeikon, Greece

Koralli Beach is built in a beautiful location just a minute's walk from Niforeika beach. Araxos Airport is just 16 km away from the property. The port of Kyllini, where you can take the boat to the lovely island of Zakynthos, is 52 km away.

Hotel & Appartment in Andros, Greece Ostria Hotel & Apartments
Ostria Hotel & Apartments
Main Street, Gavrio, 84501 Andros, Greece

Ostria Hotel & Apartments are located in Gavrio, Andros just 500 m from the port and offer year-round, budget accommodation with the sea view in the great location. The nearest beach can be reached within 10 minutes walk.

Hotel in Thessaloniki, Greece Nouvelle Hotel
Nouvelle Hotel
7km Thessaloniki - Oraiokastro, 57013 Thessaloniki, Greece

Nouvelle Hotel is located in Oraiokastro, just 8 km away from the centre of Thessaloniki. Thessaloniki International Airport is 28.9 km away. The port of Thessaloniki is approximately a 20-minute drive away.