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Fitness island hopping: the best activities on the Greek islands

Kalymnos ● Mykonos ● Naxos ● Paros ● Santorini ● 26 February 2018

Fitness vacation can be very interesting and give you the opportunity to combine fun, beautiful destinations and sports. Greek islands are ideal for sports holidays thanks to their landscape and climate. Many activities are being organised in developed vendors, gyms and outdoor areas in all-inclusive hotels in Greece. Rhodes, Crete, Zakynthos and Corfu offer amazing touristic facilities in this area, but the good news is that you can be active not only in your hotel. The nature, sea and beaches of the Greek islands, and especially the Cyclades, are perfect to stay fit enjoying super cool sports in a captivating scenery. Island hopping in Cyclades is the ultimate way to live the experience of fitness vacation combined with the exploration of several gorgeous Greek islands during your summer holidays. In this article, we present you some typical activities you can make on each island, but keep in mind that every single island has multiple possibilities. Just come here and explore it by yourself!

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Paros is the place to be if you love wind sports, such as wind- or kite surf. Strong winds guarantee you that you can have great time doing your favourite water sport on beaches, such as Pounda, Santa Maria, Kolympithres, Chrysi Akti and Tsoukalia. Very interesting is the fact that in Chrysi Akti is being organised every year the world championship of wind surf. The distance between Paros and Antiparos as well as Paros and Naxos are also ideal places to try your skills in wind-or kite surf.

Water sports in Greece


Naxos is one of the few Cycladic islands that has a high mountain, Mt. Zeus, which has taken its name from the Greek God, Zeus. Imposing rocks, tenuous paths, ancient stone walls and rare flora is what will amaze you on this mountain. Of course, the breathtaking view at 3,000 feet is also an unforgettable picture. To climb and descend Mt. Zeus, you need bout 4 hours for approximately 5-6 km distance. Remember that it is better to start this activity very early in the morning, because the heat during summer can really exhaust you if you hike in the noon.


Santorini has one of the most impressive sea beds in the world. Because it is a volcanic island, the island's seabed is part of the volcano in the middle of the distance between Santorini and Thirassia. Black sand, rocks, underwater gorges and other formations make Santorini the paradise for scuba diving lovers, and you can realise that only if you dive inside the caldera and see how a volcano looks underwater.

Scuba diving


Mykonos is considered to be the island of the winds. Located in the middle of the Aegean Sea, Mykonos is characterised, especially during July and August, by strong northern winds, the famous meltemi. Thus, you can use Mykonos as starting point for sailing around Cyclades. Depending on your skills, you can make short routes, such as to the stunning beaches of Mykonos or to the neighbouring ancient island of Delos, or long routes to nearby islands, such as Tinos, Paros, Naxos and Syros, creating your own island-hopping schedule.


Although Kalymnos doesn't belong in the Cyclades, but in the Dodecanese, we mention it because it is a perfect example of fitness vacation in the Aegean Sea. The island is characterised by the wild rocky mountains, which are ideal for climbing. This is why the island turned into a climbing destination over the last years and developed important sports tourism that is vivid also during winter. The excellent quality of the rock and the huge potential of the area in climbing make Kalymnos an ideal destination for climbers all over the world. After Kalymnos, you can continue island-hopping in the rest islands of the Dodecanese, such as Rhodes, Symi, Patmos and Ikaria.


Where to Stay

Studio in Karpathos, Greece Vardes Hotel Studios
Vardes Hotel Studios
Amoopi, 85700 Karpathos, Greece

Vardes Hotel Studios is located 500 meters from Votsalakia Beach and 700 meters from Pera Ammos Beach. Karpathos town and the port are at 6.5 km, while Diafani port is 53 km away. Vardes Hotel Studios is 12 km away from Karpathos Island National Airport.

Hotel in Marathon, Greece Myrto Hotel
Myrto Hotel
34, Marathonos Avenue, Mati (Nea Makri), 19009 Marathon, Greece

Myrto Hotel is located in Mati, just a few-minutes' walk from the beach. Athens International Airport is 16 km away, while the port of Rafina, which connects you to many Greek islands, is 4.5 km away. The centre of Athens is 30 km away.

Hotel & Appartment in Chalkidiki, Greece Lagaria Hotel Apartments
Lagaria Hotel Apartments
Afitos, 63077 Chalkidiki, Greece

Lagaria Hotel & Apartments is located in a traditional village of Afitos within a 10-minute walk from the beach. Thessaloniki Airport is a 50-minute drive away and the lively center of Thessaloniki is at 87 km.