From Athens to Naxos with stops
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From Athens to Naxos with stops

Ios ● Mykonos ● Naxos ● Paros ● 28 January 2018

Vacation in Naxos can be full of fascinating things. Naxos is a beautiful Greek island with delicious cuisine, many significant historical sites, such as Portara on the cliff above the port, well-preserved villages and exotic sandy beaches with crystal waters. Naxos is an island for all types of travellers: families, couples and young people. A typical Cycladic island, which can offer you moments of relaxation as well as fun.

From Athens, you can go to Naxos (Piraeus port) by boat in about 5-6 hours or by ferry in less than 3 hours. It is a convenient journey through the Aegean Sea, and what is impressive is that the boat or the ferry stops on several islands before arriving on Naxos. From the boat, you can see their ports and admire their Cycladic Choras, waiting impatiently to get to Naxos. Have you ever thought to make a stop on these islands? Stay a couple of days or more before going to your final destination? Do you wonder that this suggestion is impossible? That you have to pay a fortune in the ferry tickets and organise everything so strict that you won't understand spending relaxing vacation?

Well, the answer is that this scenario is achievable easily and on a budget. How? With Greek Island Pass! You just book it online, choose if you want to visit 5 or 7 islands and get ready for an amazing Greek Island Hopping experience. You can stop whenever you want, anytime you want and then take the ferry to go to another island with great flexibility. And all of these at the price of only one ticket. Cool?

So, during your journey from Athens to Naxos, if you have bought this incredible ferry pass, you can stop to the following islands around Naxos and understand why Island Hopping in Greece is the new must in Europe.


Words are not enough to describe the cosmopolitanism of this world renowned island. Stunning beaches with emerald waters and funky beach bars, the most beautiful Chora in the Cyclades, the feeling of luxury everywhere and the opportunity to have the time of your life. Pick your favourite beach with an elegant restaurant, wander around the bars and clubs in Mykonos Town, flirt, dance and drink all day and night long. This is the life in Mykonos, but you can also have calmer vacation if you want that. Mykonos can offer you everything you can imagine. It is a whole new world that attracts all kinds of travellers and impresses them with its beauty and cosmopolitan atmosphere.


Paros is the counterweight to Mykonos, but it is definitely cheaper than Mykonos. It also has wonderful beaches, Naousa, a lovely port with bars and seaside taverns, crowds of young people and generally the aura of the Cyclades. In Paros, you will meet numerous friendly youngsters, wander around the paved streets of Naousa, eat fresh fish by the sea and spend great time in the beach bars of the island, such as in Pounda Beach.


Ios is the ultimate island for youngsters and people that want to relax as well as discover the party side of the island. If you want to save money, Ios has many quality hostels to spend the night, but at the same time, you can also find luxury hotels. This is Ios, the island that captures various things and turns them into something unique. Calm beaches and crowded coves with elegant beach bars, cocktail bars in the picturesque Chora as well as clubs and fun until the dawn, young people and families or couples that want to relax and feel the mystery of this island in the middle of the Aegean Sea.

Where to Stay

Hotel in Naxos, Greece Doron Hotel Delfini
Doron Hotel Delfini
Agios Georgios, 84300 Naxos, Greece

Doron Hotel Delfini is located in Naxos Chora, just a 4-minute walk from Agios Georgios Beach. Naxos Port is 1.2 km away and Naxos National Airport is 3.6 km away.

Hotel in Naxos, Greece Hotel Hara
Hotel Hara
Agios Georgios Beach, 84300 Naxos, Greece

Located in Chora, the capital town of Naxos, Hotel Hara is only a 3-minute walk from the beach. The Port of Naxos is 950 m away and Naxos National Airport is 3.1 km away.

Hotel in Naxos, Greece Annita's Village Hotel
9.1 10
Annita's Village Hotel
Main Street, Agia Anna, 84300 Naxos, Greece

Annita's Village Hotel is located in Agia Anna, a 10-minute walk from Agia Anna Beach and Plaka Beach. Naxos Airport is a 10-minute drive from the property.#