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Greece home of drama

Athens ● Dodoni ● Epidavrus ● Messini ● Oiniades ● 13 July 2016

Greece home of drama

The ancient theatre of Epidavros

The ancient Greek theatre, a great institution of the ancient Greek city-state, was developed during the festivities for the celebration of God Dionysus, where teaching and theatrical performances took place. It all started in the end of the archaic period- especially in Athens. The ancient Greek drama carries a religious and mystic character but also political and social. In ancient Greece, at first theatre was named the audience and later the name was given to the places and the buildings where the performance took place.

Here are some of the well preserved ancients theatres, someone should visit when he travels in Greece.


The ancient theatre of Epidaurus was built in 340 BC and it had capacity of 13.000 spectators. It was part of the sanctum of god Asclepius, the god of medicine. It belonged to the ancient city of Epidaurus, a small city-state of the classical years which was very close to the contemporary city of Epidaurus near the west Saronic coast.


The ancient theatre of Oiniades was built during 4th cent. B.C. , it is located in western Greece, in Aetolia-Acarnania, near the city of Mesolongi. It is one of the less known ancient theatres but it is located in a beautiful natural scenery near an ancient port and it has great acoustic. It was part of the ancient city of Oiniades that is why there also exist ruins of the agora which was first built from the Athenians.


The ancient theatre of Dionysus is the most important and famous openair theatrical place in the ancient part of Athens and it is considered the first theatre that was ever built in the world. It is located on the southeastern part of the Acropolis hillside. It was the main site where the Attica drama took place and it hosted the Great Dionysians, which was the great theatrical festivity of the city of Athens


The ancient theatre of Dodoni was built during the 3rd cent. B.C. during the rule of king Pirus. Its capacity was of 18.000 spectators and it was the biggest of its time. During the celebrations for god Zeus, except the stadium games also theatrical competitions took place.


The ancient theatre of Delphi is amongst the most well preserved - in good condition theatres in Greece. It is located in the sanctum of God Apollo, in its northwestern side. In this theatre took place vocal and gymnastic games.

Still today theatrical performances take place during summer in some of the ancient theatres all around the country. The Epidaurus festival is the biggest one which is connected with the international festival of Athens. For more information and timetable you can visit the official website of the festival

Where to Stay

Hotel in Epidavros, Greece Hani Inn
Hani Inn
Hani Merkouri, Ligourio, 21052 Epidavros, Greece

Hani Inn Hotel is located in the small village of Chani Merkouri, 5 km from the Ancient Theater of Epidavros. The famous archaeological site of Mycenae is 38 km away. The nearest beach can be reached within a 20-minute drive. The historic and picturesque Nafplio town is at 20 km.