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Greek herbal teas: the secret of longevity in your cup

Greece ● 20 February 2018

Mainland Greece and the Greek islands are a composition of aromas: the refreshing and sweet scents of lemon balm and spearmint, the deep notes of Cretan dittany, the discreet odours of chamomile, the pungent smell of oregano. Greece is the richest country in Europe in biodiversity with a vast number of ecosystems and thousands endemic plants. The herbs that have been used in the Greek cuisine are characterised by special properties that promote well-being and good health.

Oregano, thyme and sage can be found all over the Mediterranean countries, but the Greek microclimate and the qualities of the soil are factors that give them a special taste. The concentration of aromatic and essential oils that results from the limited rainfall distinguishes Greek herbs from others in the broader region. These herbs have been credited with almost magical properties since antiquity and Hippocrates.

Cretan dittany

This dittany, located only in Crete, grows in Mount Dikti on rockier and difficultly accessible areas. It is one of the most popular beverage in Crete, which is considered one of the most powerful health boosters in Greece.

Mountain tea

The other name of mountain tea is ironwort and is widely known for its antioxidant properties. It also helps treat winter colds and is consumed as a tonic with a spoon of honey. In Greece, there are 17 different varieties of this leafy tea plant.

Mountain tea


This herb is used to add flavour in the food, but it is also a delicious tea. Add one teaspoon per cup of water and let steep for 6 minutes. Drink it and enjoy the ultimate relaxation!


Pennyroyal, which was widely used by the ancient Greeks and Romans, makes a marvellous tea with aromas reminiscent of the lemony fresh notes of peppermint and a slightly bitter finish.

Lemon balm

In Greek, its name is melissohorto, which means bee weed due to the insect's fondness for the plant. The ancient Geeks dedicated this plant to Goddess Artemis and used it for its medical properties. Today, it is used as a herbal tea for its sharpness and incredible flavour. It is ideal for energy and well-being.


One of the Greeks favourite beverages, chamomile looks like a small daisy, and its aroma is associated with spring, when it first blooms. It is renowned for its relaxing properties that can help also with stomach disorders.



Marjoram is a relative to oregano and dittany and is known for its pharmaceutical and aromatic properties. It has a very distinctive flavour with strong lemon notes, and it is also used in many dishes especially in Sifnos.


It is the most representative herb of Greek cuisine. Its strong, pungent aroma is enough to take you to the Greek countryside, where all dishes have the characteristic taste of oregano, which impresses everyone.



Thyme is the symbol of courage and an incense used in sacrifices to the Gods. Its flavour is similar to oregano but milder without the bitter aftertaste. Thyme is responsible for giving Greece its amazing honeys. As a tea, it offers a powerful energy boost.


Remember that you can buy all these herbs in many local shops all over Greece or at the airports at very low prices. Take them home and remember through their aroma your vacation in Greece!

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