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Greek Island Hopping: 5 must-sees in the Dodecanese

Dodecanese ● Kalymnos ● Kos ● Leros ● Rhodes ● Tilos ● 29 January 2018

Greek islands have a great asset: each of them has something different to offer to you, so that you won't get bored even if you visit more islands in Greece during your Greek Island Hopping. That's why island hopping in Greece is a unique experience. You explore various islands that are located in a short distance to each other, and you have the opportunity to discover something new on each island. This is true in the Dodecanese. The island complex that is located closer to Turkey than to Greece is constituted by fascinating islands, which are characterised by traditional villages, deep blue sea and an authentic aura. Each of them has an interesting side that will steal your heart. Enjoy the 5 must-sees for the island-hopping in the Dodecanese!

Rhodes: best for entertainment

Rhodes is a beautiful cosmopolitan island, which can offer the traveller astonishing beaches, bars and clubs for endless fun, cultural opportunities, great touristic amenities as well as traditional towns and villages. The Medieval Town of Rhodes is one of the best-preserved medieval towns in Europe. Full of luxury and all-inclusive hotels, Rhodes is the place to be if you want to have fun, meet new people, wander around the paved streets of the Old Town and generally understand what entertainment in Greece means.


Kalymnos: best for climbing

Kalymnos is distinguished by wild rocky mountains, which are ideal for climbing. This is why the island turned into a climbing destination over the last years and developed important sports tourism that is vivid also during the off season. Climbers from all over the world come to the island due to the giant cliffs and the seaside ambience. In addition to this impressive natural landscape, Kalymnos is also an authentic island that has remained unspoiled by mass tourism and allows you to totally relax and be in contact with the imposing nature.


Tilos: best for free-camping

Tilos is the ultimate Greek island for backpackers and free-campers thanks to Eristos. Eristos is a famous beach of Tilos, where the former mayor put years ago external public showers and trash cans in order to attract the fans of free-camping. Since then, Tilos is the favourite destination of students and backpackers. It is a small island near Rhodes and an unexplored low-budget summer destination. Tilos has also a well-preserved neoclassical harbour, many secluded beaches for total privacy and an impressive ghost-village that has remained totally untouched by time!

Kos: best for history

Kos is a beautiful island with exotic beaches and a cosmopolitan Chora, but what makes the island to attract so many tourists is its history. Kos is the hometown of Hippocrates and ancient medicine. In the front of the Castle of the Knights, in the centre of Kos Town, there is a plane tree, under which, according to the myth, Hippocrates, the father of Medicine, used to teach his students. Worth visiting is also Asklepieion. In the antiquity, Asklepieion was a medical centre, and it was built to honour the God of Medicine and Health, Asklepios. It was built during the 5th century B.C., and Hippokrates had taught also there his students, the doctors of the antiquity.


Leros: best for relaxing

Leros is the ultimate island for chilling out. As the ferry or the aeroplane reaches this destination, you will immediatelly understand that this virgin island is what you were looking for when you wanted to get rest during the tough winter. Calm beaches with turquoise waters, easy-going locals, low prices and the feeling of medowness in the warm air are the must of Leros.


Where to Stay

Hotel in Karpathos, Greece Sunrise Hotel
Sunrise Hotel
Pigadia, 85700 Karpathos, Greece

Sunrise Hotel is located in Karpathos Town, just a 5-minute walk from the beach and a 10-minute walk from the Port. Karpathos National Airport is 16.9 km away. #

Appartment in Leros, Greece Panteli Beach
Panteli Beach
Panteli beach, 85400 Leros, Greece

Panteli Beach is located in Panteli Village, just a minute's walk from the beach. Leros Port is a 10-minute drive away while Leros Municipal Airport is a 15-minute drive away.

Studio in Karpathos, Greece Vardes Hotel Studios
Vardes Hotel Studios
Amoopi, 85700 Karpathos, Greece

Vardes Hotel Studios is located 500 meters from Votsalakia Beach and 700 meters from Pera Ammos Beach. Karpathos town and the port are at 6.5 km, while Diafani port is 53 km away. Vardes Hotel Studios is 12 km away from Karpathos Island National Airport.