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Greek Island Hopping: a Guide for Couples

Corfu ● Hydra ● Milos ● Rhodes ● Santorini ● Spetses ● Symi ● 15 December 2017

The truth about love is that you don’t need anything special in order to feel happy and content around your special someone. Whether you’re just sitting on the couch all day or traveling the world together, what matters most is that the two of you are happy. However, many people agree that sharing exciting experiences can bring two people closer together. If you’re looking for a romantic getaway mixed with adventure, spending some time on the Greek Islands might be the perfect thing for you. In fact, the Greek Islands are known as a perfect honeymoon destination from people all over the world due to their unique combination of history, good food, natural beauty, and great tourist accommodations. Each island has something special to offer all the visitors. Here’s a guide to the most romantic aspects of the islands for you to explore with your loved one.

1. Corfu. This island combines classic Grecian architecture with natural landscape and fun, sunny beaches. In fact, Corfu is known for its romance, ever since mythological hero Jason married his lover Medea on this island (according to legend). There is a strong influence from Venice, combined with tasty food, gorgeous beaches, and small villages that dot the island. The multi-cultural history of Corfu makes it the perfect place for history geeks, but its stunning scenery, charming villages, and abundant sightseeing opportunities truly have something to offer everyone. If you want to visit impressive, ancient fortresses and then walk down cobblestone alleyways to a romantic restuarant, Corfu is for you.


2. Symi. This is a small island that does not attract as much tourist activity as the others, so it’s the perfect place if you’re looking for a more private vacation. The tranquility and natural beauty of the island make it a great alternative to the more party-friendly vibe of some of the other islands. On Symi, you can explore the main town, hit the beach and coves, and then relax at a tarven enjoying the hearty Greek cuisine.


3. Spetses. Spetses is where you should head if you’re feeling fancy. This island, which is about two hours away from Athens, features high-end luxury restaurants, five-star hotels and resorts, and beaches that are secluded away from the crowds. You can rent a horse-and-buggy ride for a scenic tour of the harbor before treating your loved one to a delicious meal at one of the many local seafood taverns.


4. Milos. This is the ideal island for couples looking to keep stoking their romance. Take a romantic boat trip, explore the small homey villages, and be sure to hit the Tsigrado beach, a known secluded beach for lovers to seek solitude. With crystal-clear water and a fine sand shore lined by incredible rock formations, this beach is the best place to spend a romantic afternoon with your lover away from the party crowds. Most of the hotels in Milos overlook the beautiful sea. And as if you needed any more convincing, Milos is often also called “the island of lovers!”


5. Hydra. Only a stone’s throw from Athens, Hydra is known for its hilly landscape and charming stone houses. Motor vehicles are not allowed on this island, so this is the perfect destination for couples who are into hiking or even just a casual stroll. Hydra is extremely popular with tourists, so keep that in mind if you would prefer a location that is more isolated and private.


6. Santorini. One of the most popular Greek islands among tourists, Santorini is one of the best-known of the Greek islands for its romantic atmosphere and bustling everyday culture. Whether you want to taste some authentic Greek wine, explore villages on the tops of cliffs, enjoy some classic Greek seafood, or witness a beautiful sunset from the base of a real volcano, the whitewashed architecture and terrace restaurants offer you aesthetics like no other. Santorini is in fact one of the top honeymoon locations in the world, with hundreds of romantic, luxury hotels to provide you with all the privacy and comfort you could need. Whether you’re taking a cruise to the volcano crater or swimming in one of the many beaches, you’re sure to have the time of your life on this island, especially since most hotels offer romantic accommodations including hot tubs and private pools.

7. Rhodes. This is another one for the history buffs among you, but it’s sure to have something for everyone. With its exciting medieval atmosphere, combined with its natural beauty and welcoming community, you’ll definitely find something that strikes your attention in Rhodes. The most romantic area to visit is simply called the Old Town of Rhodes, which is in fact one of the best-preserved authentic medieval-era towns in the entire continent of Europe! In the Old Town, you can walk the Street of Knights, visit the Palace of the Grand Master, and while away the evening hours in one of the many bars. While you’re in Rhodes, don’t forget to check out the beaches - and did we mention the Valley of Butterflies?


Where to Stay

Hotel in Piraeus, Greece Hotel Acropole
Hotel Acropole
7, Gounari str., 18531 Piraeus, Greece

Hotel Acropole is located in the centre of Piraeus, just opposite the port. Within a 5-minute walk you can reach your ferry and the electric railway/metro station Piraeus. The centre of Athens can be reached within 15 minutes with the train/metro. Athens International Airport is at 45 km. A bus stop for the X96 bus connecting Piraeus and the airport is at 150 m.

Appartment in Karpenisi, Greece Pasithei Guesthouse
Pasithei Guesthouse
Aiolou, 36100 Karpenisi, Greece

Pasithei Guesthouse is located in Karpenisi, just 1 km from the main square. Karpenisi ski centre is a 20-minute drive away. Proussos village is 35 km away.

Hotel in Mani, Greece Kleopatra Traditional Hotel Apartments
8.8 10
Kleopatra Traditional Hotel Apartments
Stoupa, 24024 Mani, Greece

Kleopatra Traditional Hotel Apartments is located in the seaside village of Stoupa, in Mani region in beautiful Peloponnese, just at the foot of Mount Taygetos. The hotel lies within a 5-minute walk from the beach and the center of the village with many cafes, shops, traditional taverns and supermarkets. The city of Kalamata is 40 km away.