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Greek Island Hopping across the Aegean - Reasons to try it

Aegean islands ● Cyclades ● Ios ● Naxos ● Paros ● Santorini ● 20 June 2017

The secret to Island Hopping can be found in HostelBay! 

Fancy having the most in-depth experience of the Aegean Sea? An easy and affordable way to see the best islands of the Cyclades - with one ticket pass - is laid at your feet by the HostelBay team.

This summer, HostelBay offers you the chance to live the island hopping experience in the best way possible and within a budget! There are two options for you to choose. The first one is the "Greek Island Pass"; this pass lets you visit 7 islands with one ticket. The second option is the "Inter Island Pass"; this pass enables you to visit 4 islands with one ticket! Choose the one that suits you best and discover more about Greece even if it is your first time in this beautiful country. 

All this available to YOU: the HostelBay users! 

Now you have the chance to visit the Cyclades in the most enjoyable way. The experience of travelling with a Greek Ferry is one that doesn't pass lightly. Of course you have to live it yourself.... The sun is shining on deck, the sea breeze touching your skin, what's not to wait for in awe? Some might say that the experience equates to a free pleasure cruise! Maybe, a more self-organized one, since you make your own schedule and have the chance to pick your destination and how many hours or even days you spend on it! If you think that this is over exaggerating a bit, let us give you some reasons to think it over:

1) You can cruise around the bluest water you've ever seen, accompanied by dolphins, sea turtles and gulls along your voyage, 
on board the finest Ferries that travel the Greek coasts.

2) Make new friends, eat incredible food, and lose yourself in the captivating colours of the Greek sunset that casts its shades all over the Aegean. All this with one ticket pass!

- Our island passes - "Inter Island Pass" / "Greek Island Pass" - are a must try. They give you the chance to live the island hopping experience, at a budget price! Soon enough, you'll find yourself on the shores of Paros, swimming in the chilly waters of Faragas or the famous Golden Beach. Paros has a vivid night life. If you find yourself there, you should visit Antiparos, the small island near Paros that is perfect for a day trip.
- You can taste the local products of Naxos, like fruits, potatoes, vegetables, oil and wine from the island's rich vineyards. Naxos also produces high-quality cheese, known as "myzethra" kefalotyri" and "anthotyro". The island is well known for its sausages and meat, as well as for its ancient history.
- The island of Ios is one of the most unexpected gems of the Aegean sea. Byzantine churches everywhere, the island offers an outstanding food experience, and its stunning landscapes will steal your heart. Those interested in Archaeology will have plenty to do... Ios has become a pole of attraction for fans of all-night partying. Above all, after your visit, the welcome and friendly atmosphere is what you will remember most.
-  Santorini, apart from being one of the most famous places to watch the sunset in all its glory, it is definitely the place for lovers as many weddings are held there every year. Gifted with wild scenery and an incomparable natural exquisiteness created by the volcanic eruptions, Thira (the official name of the capital) will take your breath away at first sight. At arrival, there are only 3 ways down to the port and back up again: by cable car, walking (mind you, the steps are plenty, truly hundreds) or by donkey. 

Where to Stay

Hotel & Appartment in Milos, Greece Captain Zeppos
Captain Zeppos
Pollonia, 84800 Milos, Greece

Captain Zeppos is located in village of Pollonia, just 30 meters away from the beach. Milos Port is 10 km away and Milos National Airport is 12.5 km away.

Hotel & Studio in Andros, Greece Blue Bay Resort Village
9 10
Blue Bay Resort Village
Delavogias, Batsi, 84501 Andros, Greece

Blue Bay Resort Village is located 1.5 km away from the centre of Batsi, close to Delavogias Beach. Andros Port is 8.2 km away and Andros Town is 24.7 km away.

Studio & Appartment in Andros, Greece Amorani Studios
Amorani Studios
Batsi, 84503 Andros, Greece

Amorani Studios is located in the village of Batsi, the most popular tourist destination of the island. It is only an 8-minute walk from the beach. Andros Port is a 15-minute drive away while Andros Town is a 35-minute drive away.