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Greek Island Hopping: Discover Northern Aegean

Aegean islands ● Chios ● Fourni Ikarias ● Ikaria ● Lesvos ● Limnos ● Samos ● 28 November 2017

Northern Aegean is characterised by a complex of Greek islands with picturesque traditional towns, hospital local people, wonderful beaches with deep blue and refreshing waters as well as significant historical sites. If you plan to spend your next Greek vacation there, you should consider the option of Greek Island Hopping. Island Hopping is an excellent option for these Greek islands because the distance is short between the islands and you can find great ferry deals to make this journey affordable. Moreover, these islands constitute an off-the-beaten-path choice for demanding travellers. Thus, you can easily find unbeatable accommodation deals for vacation in Greece on a budget.


Medieval villages, majestic mansions, significant museums and rich cultural, maritime and gastronomic traditions. This is Chios, a magnificent island. The signature landmark of the picturesque Main Town is the Castle, which dates back to the 9th century, but more impressive are the Mastichochoria (mastic villages) of Chios. Chios is renowned for its famous product, mastic, and the villages with the mastic trees are of stunning beauty. In these villages, you can be informed about the cultivation and processing of mastic, and admire the medieval ambience, the stone-built towers, the arched doors and the impressive architecture of the complex of these 24 villages that will steal your heart.


Lesvos is a destination for all seasons where you can't get bored because there are so many things to do there. The Petrified Forest, the Medieval Castle of Lesvos Chora, the Castle of Molyvos, the Museum of Ouzo, the famous product of Lesvos, the traditional village of Agiassos as well as the thermal springs of Lesvos are only some of the things that are waiting for you in this hospitable Greek island.


Limnos is an authentic, wonderful Greek island that will impress you with its numerous beaches, the hospitality of the locals and its traditional villages with their hidden gems. If you are looking for an off-the-beaten-track choice, where you can spend relaxing vacations and find affordable accommodation in Limnos , eat delicious local products and swim in the cool waters of the northern Aegean, then Limnos is a must. Myrina Limnos is a beautiful town with neoclassical buildings and a castle, which is one of the biggest and best preserved in Greece, home to around 70 deer. Other beautiful villages are Kontias, Portianou, Palaio Pedino and Kontopouli.


Ikaria is characterised by the green nature, the cozy and traditional villages, the wonderful secluded beaches, the easy-going people, the relaxing character and the festivals that last the whole summer. The best villages to visit in Ikaria is Armenistis Ikaria, Evdilos Ikaria and Agios Kirykos Ikaria, while Ikaria has also gorgeous beaches, such as Seychelles, Nas, Kambos and Mesakti.


Fourni Ikarias

Fourni Ikarias is a tiny island with turquoise waters near Ikaria. On this isolated and untouched island, you can spend one or two days during your Greek Island Hopping in Northern Aegean or, if you are searching for peace and privacy, spend your whole vacation there. It is a remote, fishing island where you will be impressed by its emerald waters, the calm sea and the scenery, with the villages that look like coming from the 50's.


Samos is something more than its charming villages with the well-preserved neoclassical houses by the sea, like Pithagorio, Kokari, Karlovasi and Vathy, or its sandy beaches with the emerald cool waters of Aegean Sea. Samos is a place where history and culture meet the natural beauty in a stunning scenery. Samos is the birthplace of Pythagoras, Epicurus and Aristarchus, a great island of the ancient world. The most impressive sample of the ancient history of Samos is the Tunnel of Eupalinos, the cradle of engineering you should definitely visit.