Greek Island Hopping: Discover the Ionian Islands
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Greek Island Hopping: Discover the Ionian Islands

Corfu ● Ionian islands ● Ithaca ● Kefalonia ● Lefkada ● Paxoi ● Zakynthos ● 21 November 2017

The Greek islands are gorgeous, traditional, picturesque and hospitable. And numerous. This last characteristic of the Greek islands makes it impossible to discover them all during your vacation in Greece. However, with the option of the Greek Island Hopping, you can visit more islands while travelling in Greece. Sporades, Cyclades, Dodecanese, Saronic Islands and Ionian Islands are the groups of Greek islands you should definitely visit. Island Hopping in Greece is your best chance to travel between the islands. The distance is short, you can find unbeatable ferry deals to make your journey affordable and the route from one island to another simpler than ever, while during this amazing experience you will discover unexplored islands and beaches that are waiting the off-the-beaten-path travellers. If you want to spend your Greek vacation in the Ionian Islands, we suggest you some combinations that are perfect to explore these beautiful islands.


Zakynthos is characterised by sandy exotic beaches with the Shipwreck Beach being one of the most famous beaches in the Mediterranean Sea. Organised bays, wild nightlife and the rare species of caretta-caretta sea turtle make the vacation in Zakynthos unforgettable. Kefalonia is more authentic than Zakynthos with many untouched traditional villages of Italian style architecture and lush greenery everywhere. It is located just one hour from Zakynthos, so you can easily spend 3 days in Zakynthos and 3 days in Kefalonia.


Vacation in Kefalonia can be combined with a couple of days in the small island of Ithaca, the island of Odysseus. What makes Ithaca unique is its unspoiled landscape with pine trees until the coastline, calm picturesque villages with hospitable people and a relaxing aura, which is ideal for families and couples. Plus, it is a legendary place, the homeland of Odysseus, who was trying to reach it for 10 years, but you can easily travel to Ithaca just taking the ferry in less than one hour from Kefalonia.


If you want to spend some days of peaceful Greek vacation and then have fun in a bigger and more interesting Greek island, you can combine Ithaca with Lefkada. Lefkada is a large island with verdant nature, stunning beaches and a vivid capital, and you can go there also by car from mainland Greece, from Preveza. However, if you prefer the option of Greek Island Hopping, then you can find unbeatable ferry deals from Ithaca to Lefkada to spend a week in Greece full of gorgeous pictures by the sea.


The words are not enough to describe the beauty of Corfu Town, an Italian style jewel that has been declared UNESCO World Heritage Site thanks to its well-preserved architecture, the cobblestone alleys and the atmosphere that travels you back in time. Corfu has also fascinating beaches with turquoise waters and lush greenery. Paxoi is a tiny island in a very close distance to Corfu, which is ideal to relax, enjoy the impressive landscape, stroll around the paved streets of its cozy Chora and sunbathe by the azure waters of its sea.

Where to Stay

Villa in Ithaca, Greece Yellow House Ithaca
Yellow House Ithaca
Vathi, 28300 Ithaca, Greece

Overlooking the village Vathy from its balcony, Yellow House villa is located on a small hillside only 400 m from the center of Vathy and from the port connecting Ithaca with the port Poros in Kefalonia. Piso Aetos port with a ferry connection to Sami in Kefalonia is at 7 km. The nearest airport is Kefalonia Airport, approximately 45 km away from the property.

Hotel in Corfu, Greece Bella Vista Beach Hotel
Bella Vista Beach Hotel
Benitses, 49084 Corfu, Greece

The family-run Bella Vista Beach Hotel is located just 60 m from the beach in Benitses village in Corfu. The picturesque capital of the island with many historic buildings and the main port is at 14 km and Corfu International Airport is 11 km away.

Hotel in Zakynthos, Greece Ecoresort Zefyros
8.2 10
Ecoresort Zefyros
Agios Kirikos, 29090 Zakynthos, Greece

Surrounded by lush greenery and vineyards, Ecoresort Zefyros is located 6 km away from Zakynthos Town and 8 km away from Zakynthos International Airport.