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Greek Island Hopping, two in one: popular and untouched islands

Corfu ● Crete ● Fourni Ikarias ● Gavdos ● Ikaria ● Kastellorizo ● Kimolos ● Milos ● Paxoi ● Rhodes ● 27 December 2017

Are you a fan of the popular Greek islands, but at the same time you want to visit also off-the-beaten-path Greek islands? It is not a coincidence that the famous Greek islands, such as Crete, Mykonos, Rhodes and Corfu, have so many visitors each year. Their beauty, touristic facilities and high-quality accommodation in Greece are great assets. However, it is possible that you want to explore some other Greek islands, less famous, but with the advantage that they offer peace, privacy and untouched aura. No problem! With Greek Island Hopping, you can combine both. Visit a popular, touristic Greek island and enjoy its cosmopolitanism and then, visit an unspoiled island nearby that gives you the opportunity to relax and appreciate the hospitality of the local people.


Crete is one of the most touristic and beautiful islands in the Mediterranean. Amazing beaches, significant historical sites, delicious cuisine and traditional villages and towns. Tourism is one of the main sources of income in Crete, and here you have numerous things to do in an atmosphere of elegance. On the southern side of Chania, overlooking the Libyan Sea, Gavdos is a tiny island, which has only a tavern, some rooms to let, a free-camping and an exotic beach to offer. As a symbol, Gavdos has a chair at the top of the cliff. After Crete, Gavdos is a unique experience to feel totally free and leave everything behind.



Rhodes is the island of the knights, with the Medieval Town impressing the visitor. It is a cosmopolitan island with great touristic facilities, charming organised beaches, ancient monuments and wild nightlife. Only one visit during summer is not enough to explore Rhodes. If you have visited Rhodes several times and you want to combine your vacation with something different, travel afterwards to Kastellorizo. The small island of Kastellorizo has a gorgeous neoclassical harbour, but the most touching with this place is that it is the easternmost point of Greece, literally closer to Turkey than to Greece. A walk in its paved streets makes you feel the oriental aura of this island combined with fascinating beauty.



Corfu has one of the best-preserved towns in Greece with Italian architecture and elegant neoclassical buildings, which constitute a World Heritage Site by Unesco. If you spend your summer vacation in Corfu, it is definitely worthwhile to stay in Corfu Town and enjoy its special character, while during the day you can swim in its astonishing beaches. After Corfu, if you want to get rest and avoid making long distances by car, you can visit Paxoi, a tiny island full of lush greenery, turquoise waters and lovely villages.



Ikaria is the new must-see destination in Greece, which is famous for its summer festival, the easy-going people and the Caribbean-like beaches. Ikaria is an alternative island for those seeking something different, but lately it has become overcrowded. If you want total privacy and peace, near Ikaria, is located the undiscovered island of Fourni with a small port that reminds of past decades and the crystal clearest waters you can find in the Aegean Sea. Fourni is the ideal stop during your Island Hopping in Greece in order to relax and feel like being in a heaven on earth.



Milos is a typical Cycladic island. It has stunning beaches with wild landscape and emerald waters, whitewashed villages and creative Greek cuisine. Thanks to its numerous and gorgeous beaches, Milos is the ultimate destination during summer, if you are a fan of the Cyclades. However, during July and August, Milos has literally crowds of tourists on its impressive beaches. Kimolos is an off-the-beaten-track island in a very short distance to Milos. You can go there by ferry-boat from Pollonia in less than half an hour. Basically, millions of years ago, Kimolos was the same island with Milos, and thus it has the same volcanic landscape. Just a visit to this forgotten island will convince you of its beauty.


Where to Stay

Appartment in Milos, Greece Alexandros Village
Alexandros Village
Katifora, Adamantas, 84800 Milos, Greece

Being located on a hillside overlooking the town of Adamantas, Alexandros Village provides accommodation in a traditional, Cycladic minimalistic style building with modern decoration and amenities in peaceful surroundings. The distance from the center and the main port in Adamantas is 2 km, while the picturesque capital of Milos, Plaka, is at 3 km. Milos Island National Airport is at 5.5 km and the property offers free transportation. The popular beach of Sarakiniko with its lunar landscape is at 2.6 km.

Hotel in Agios Nikolaos, Greece Elounda Krini Hotel
Elounda Krini Hotel
Andrea Papandreou, Elounda, 72053 Agios Nikolaos, Greece

Elounda Krini Hotel is located 1 km away from the center of the popular seaside resort Elounda and just a 5-minute walk from the beach. The scenic town of Agios Nikolaos and the port is at 8 km, while the capital of Crete, Heraklion, is at 70 km. Supermarkets, shops, restaurants can be found within a 10-minute walk.

Hotel & Appartment in Mystras, Greece Mazaraki Guesthouse
Mazaraki Guesthouse
Pikoulianika, 23100 Mystras, Greece

Mazaraki Guesthouse is located in the village of Pikoulianika, just a 5-minute drive from Mystras. The city of Sparti is a 15-minute drive away. The nearest airport is Kalamata International Airport, 60 km away.