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Greek Kamaki

Athens ● Corfu ● Greece ● Kos ● Rhodes ● 24 July 2016

Greek Kamaki

Nowadays, when it comes to courtship, things are simple. Two glances or a drink are enough to make the next step.. The traditional roles are part of history and women are also the hunters maybe more discretely.

But during the 70's, 80's things were not like that at all. Democracy was restored in Greece, after dictatorship and tourism became the main target for the new state. The sex revolution was a worldwide trend especially in the western world. Massive crowds of tourists came to have a taste of the Greek summer.

So courtship had a completely different meaning when it came to touristy Greece. Mustache, mullet, shirt which remained unbuttoned leaving a hairy chest to emerge, with a golden cross hanging from a golden chain too. This fashion might seem unfamiliar to us but during the 70's and especially in the 80's, during the period Greek lovers or kamakia (harpoons) made their appearance, it was the norm. Just have in mind that in contrast with the women who came as tourists in Greece, kissing a Greek woman would automatically mean that you are making a wedding proposal to her.

So the generation of Greek kamaki wanted in one hand to show to the world another side of Greek hospitality and in the other hand to showcase Greece as a heaven on earth for sex tourism, especially for blond, six feet tall, Scandinavian women.

Why women from Scandinavia? Because they were the first who realized that Greece had what is takes to fulfill their sexual fantasies. The Greek kamaki guys were better from the tourists, for one reason, European men, especially Scandinavians had to drink 3-4 drinks to take the courage to talk to a woman, on the opposite side the Mediterranean men were always ready to flirt and to risk a rejection from the female side.

It was an era with non stop parties, disco, sex and no taboo. During the 80's kamaki was a full time "occupation". The lovers of Syntagma and the islands were not fictitious characters, they had to overcome many obstacles such as differences in language, culture, currency and conservatism. This generation has grown old, with no heirs, since things and morals have changed..

Where to Stay

Hotel & Appartment in Kos, Greece Golden Sun
Golden Sun
Tigaki, 85300 Kos, Greece

The family-run Golden Sun hotel is located in a popular summer resort Tigaki in Kos just 8 minutes walk from the long, sandy beach. The distance from Kos Town is 11 km, while Kos International Airport is at 16 km.

Hotel & Appartment in Kos, Greece Angela Apartments
Angela Apartments
48, Veriopoulou Str., Kos Town, 85300 Kos, Greece

Angela Apartments is centrally located in Kos Town, just 500 meters from the Port. The nearest beach is an 8-minute walk away. Kos International Airport is 23.3 km away.

Hotel in Kos, Greece Aegean Houses
Aegean Houses
Lampi Area, 85300 Kos, Greece

Aegean Houses are located in Kos Town, just a 5-minute walk from the long, sandy beach of Lambi. Kos Port is a 6-minute drive away. Kos International Airport is a 30-minute drive away.