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Greek Olive Varieties

Greece ● Kalamata ● Thassos ● 13 July 2016
Greek olives

Olive is one of the main ingredients of the Greek diet. It has been cultivated all over the country for thousands of years. Especially in the islands, because the olive tree can be cultivated in soils which are not suitable for cereals. In this way the island's soil which is dry can expand the production of olives instead of cereals which would not easily flourish there. This had as an outcome the rise of the population in the islands and the creation of products for commercial purposes.

30.000.000 olive trees are cultivated all around Greece, the year production reaches the 120.000 tones, we second in Europe and fifth in the world. The varieties which are certified with protected designation of origin are Kalamata, Throuba, Konservoelia.

“Konservoelia” which means “tinolive” due to the containers is was stored, it is the most common type of edible olive. It is meaty with small core and it’s color ranges from green to black when it is very mature.

Olive tree

Kalamata olive is another one, it is produced in southern Greece, in Peloponnese . It is deep black and it’s smaller than konservoelia.

Throuba, it is the only olive which does not need any procedure to become edible since it loses it’s bitterness while it is growing on the olive tree.

The harvest period is from October till January. Except throuba, the other olives need a procedure to become edible. The green ones are smashed with a rock and put for 10 days in a container with water in order to remove the extreme bitterness, we change the water every day. And then we store them in brine with a layer of olive oil on the upper layer. The black olives are made with the same procedure but with the difference that we carve them in four sides and we preserve them in brine with addition of vinegar.

Where to Stay

Villa in Kalamata, Greece Villa Teo
Villa Teo
Mikri Mantineia, 24100 Kalamata, Greece

Villa Teo is located in the popular resort of Mikri Mantineia, approximately a 15-minute drive away from the center of Kalamata. The nearest beach and restaurants are just a 4-minute walk away. Kalamata International Airport is a 20-minute drive away.