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Hidden Athens: the spots only Athenians can reveal

Athens ● 16 August 2017

Athens is a very interesting city with numerous things to do. If you can spend in the Greek capital more days than just a weekend, you will have the chance to explore the hidden Athens with its secrets, which can be revealed only by a local.

Apollonos Street for street food

The last years, there is a new trend in Athens with restaurants that offer dishes from alternative cuisines from all over the world. Peruvian, Japanese, Chinese, Indian, Hawaian, African, Argentinean, Turkish, Arabic, Spanish, Mexican and American restaurants with burgers are opening in Athens Center, going the culinary experience in Athens a step further. The good news are also that these restaurants have the style of the street food, where everyone can have lunch or dinner on a reasonable budget. For Asian street food, the best place is Apollonos Street, a tiny street near Syntagma Square, where you can find Korean, Chinese, Indian, Japanese and Vietnamese food in traditional restaurants.


Petralona is a neighbourhood near Thiseio, where you can eat in modern taverns on a very reasonable budget. It is a district, which is popular among the locals. Some neoclassical buildings, houses with courtyards, delicious Greek food and young Athenians all around give you the perfect opportunity to taste mezedes and eat raki or ouzo away from the mass tourism.

Pnyx, the place where ancient Athenians voted

In Filopappos Hill, in Thiseio, is located Pnyx, the place where the ancient Athenians voted. Pnyx was used for the popular assemblies in Athens since 507 B.C., being one of the most important and earliest sites in the creation of democracy. Pericles, Aristides, Demosthenes and Alcibiades spoke here, at the speaker's platform, which you can admire today. Pnyx was the meeting place of the earliest known in the world democratic legislature, the Athenian ecclesia. Nowadays, Pnyx is a popular spot for young people. On the top of the cliff, where you can easily climb, couples and companies of friends spend their evening there, drinking beers and admiring the magnificent view.


The open-air cinema inside the National Garden

Athens has warm weather and sunshine for many months during spring, summer and autumn, and the Athenians love to watch movies in open-air cinemas, under the stars, enjoying the breeze, drinking beer and having a great time. The movies in Greece are not dubbed; contrariwise, you can watch it in its original language with Greek subtitles. This is why you can spend a wonderful evening relaxing in an open-air cinema, with beer, pop-corn and souvlaki. The open-air cinemas of Cine-Paris in Plaka and Cine-Thisio in Thiseio are worldwide famous for their stunning view of Acropolis, but there is another open-air cinema in Athens, which is equally beautiful. Aigli is the cinema near Zappeion conference hall. It is a luxury open-air cinema, with a special balcony to dine during the film. The location is ideal, quiet, inside the park of Zappeion conference hall, and you will have the feeling of being on an island.

National Garden

Psirri neighbourhood

Ten years ago, Psirri neighbourhood was the centre of Athens nightlife, with numerous clubs and bars. Nowadays, Psirri is a calmer district with alternative restaurants and bars as well as cozy shops, where you can find local products, clothes and jewellery of the Greek fashion. Psiri is one of the most picturesque and colourful neighbourhoods in Athens, with extraordinary street art and a cosmopolitan, Athenian atmosphere you can understand only if you visit it.

Where to Stay

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Alma Hotel
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Alma Hotel is located in the centre of Athens, just a 2-minute walk from Omonia Metro Station, offering easy access to Athens Railway Station and Piraeus Port. Athens airport Eleftherios Venizelos is 36 km away.

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