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How to do Greek Island Hopping whatever your company is

Greek Islands ● 09 June 2018
Greek Island Hopping can be an amazing experience for you this summer! Travelling from one island to another, visiting more islands and exploring the famous Greek islands with their great atmosphere, their beauties, their significant historical sites, their gorgeous beaches and the delicious Greek cuisine is the next best thing in Europe. The coolest thing is that you can do island hopping in Greece whatever your company is. Friends, family with kids or your spouse, the variety of the Greek islands is so big that you can choose islands, which are ideal for your needs. Don't worry about anything. Just book a Greek Island Hopping ferry pass, such as Hostelbay Island Pass, in order to pay less for your ferry tickets, travel on a budget, be flexible and get ready for the best vacation of your life!

With your family

Greek Island Hopping with kids is something achievable if you are organised and flexible. Travelling with children may have as a result many situations you haven't imagined when you left home. If you want to plan everything till the last detail, it is sure that you soon feel tired and stressful. The key is to be flexible as much as you can. Remember that island hopping in Greece means many hours in the ferry or the boat travelling between the islands. If ferries are boring for the adults, imagine how children feel! However, with a tablet and the kids' favorite applications,  they can be busy during the journey and don't get bored. Another useful tip is to pack light. Island Hopping on the Greek islands means you have to pack and unpack many times for you and your children. Don't be discouraged with this fact. You just need to take with you only the necessary things. One suitcase for each adult and a small bag that can be carried by the child is the best option to make the whole journey comfortable. Last but not least, give time to your family to get rest. During Greek Island Hopping, it is simple to visit every day a new island, if you want to because the distance between the islands inside the same island complex, for example the Cyclades, is really short. However, during your vacation with your children, we don't recommend you to do so. It is important to give time to your kids to feel conveniently in the new environment, get rest and explore the unknown destination for more days than only 1-2. Maybe, you can't discover as many Greek islands as if you were single, but it is definitely worthwhile to have this once in a lifetime experience with your beloved family.

Read here which Greek islands are perfect to travel with your family!


Naxos is the most family-friendly island in the Cyclades. Most beaches are organised with all the amenities you need. Some of them have water-sports facilities and thanks to the strong wind blowing there, the island is world-class windsurf destinations. Thus, you children have many activities to do, while you relax on your sunbed. Plus, Naxos offers its visitors many interesting things to do, such as historical sites and beautiful villages where you can spend your day together with your family.


Crete offers gorgeous beaches, significant archaeological sites and a wide range of family-friendly hotels where you can relax while your kids are swimming in the pool or playing in the kindergarten. Organised beaches, traditional towns, like Chania and Rethymnon, for a walk with your children and great touristic facilities everywhere will make your vacations with your kids unforgettable and easy. Your children will also love Cretaquarium, a huge aquarium, which is home of 2,000 sea animals and 200 different Mediterranean species in a close distance to Heraklion.


Rhodes is a stunning island with well organised beaches, traditional towns, like Lindos and the Medieval Town, as well as family all-inclusive hotels with budget touristic packages, where everything is on your doorstep. Water-sports facilities, restaurants, cafés, wellness centres and everything you need just to switch off and relax together with your children. If you want to stay the whole day in your hotel sunbathing on the pool or the beautiful beach at the front, without having to worry about anything, you can do so. Plus, in Rhodes, you can visit with your family the Valley of the Butterflies, a wonderful forest with literally thousands of butterflies that come every May to breed. The picture of the green haven and the spectacular trees with innumerable butterflies is something unforgettable that will make your kids just happy.


Corfu in the Ionian Sea is an island for every traveller, who wants to explore the unique urban and natural beauty, wandering around the paved paths of the Venetian Old Town, which is UNESCO World Heritage, and swim in stunning beaches with lush greenery. What makes Corfu one of the best family-friendly islands in the Mediterranean Sea is Aqualand. Aqualand is considered to be the most amazing water park in Europe and the third largest in the world. Here, you will find many waterslides, sun beds, umbrellas, swimming pools, restaurants, cafes and mini markets to spend an unforgettable day! While your children play in this amazing scenery, you can relax by the pool and drink your coffee knowing that your kids have a great time. Or play with them and remember again how it feels to be a kid!

With your friends

Travelling with your mates is a top experience you should definitely live in your 20's. Drinking, meeting new people, flirting and partying the whole day is exactly what a youngster needs. Greece is full of islands that are ideal for this kind of holidays. Clubs, beach bars and world class parties are waiting for you. We recommend you here the top islands that prove Greece is better than Ibiza! Of course, there are also many islands, such as Anafi, Sikinos, Donoussa, Chalki and Tilos that are ideal if you want to relax, make free camping and spend your whole day on the beach.


Mykonos is the most popular destination in Europe for its wild nightlife, so you can start island hopping in the Cyclades from here. Every beach has a beach bar for partying till night, and world-class DJ's organise memorable events. Cavo Paradiso is one of the most famous clubs worldwide, and you can combine your swimming in Paradise Beach with it. Chora of Mykonos has also numerous bars and clubs to offer, where the night lasts till dawn or even later in the morning. The island is full of young people that are gathered in Mykonos the spend the summer of their life!


The nightlife of Paros is ideal for party animals, who want to feel the energy of an island, where the youngest people meet each other and become a company. Paroikia and Naousa offer a great selection of bars and clubs for every taste, while Pounda Beach has a super beach bar, where half-naked bodies dance and the alcohol flows in abundance. Paros is located in a short distance to Mykonos, and you can go there by ferry with Hostelbay Island Pass in one hour from Mykonos. Combining Mykonos with Paros guarantees you some days of total entertainment. Paros is cheaper than Mykonos so you can spend more days there.


Ios is the third Cycladic island, which can offer its visitors amazing moments of endless fun. Wild youth can find in Ios its perfect spot. The narrow streets of the Chora of Ios host innumerable bars, clubs, Irish pubs, karaoke bars and discos, and partying is the only thing you can do, if you want to follow the attitude of the island. After Mykonos and Paros, Ios is an ideal low-budget party island just one hour from Paros. With these three islands, cosmopolitan but expensive Mykonos, hipster Paros and alternative Ios, you have seen the best of the best Cyclades can offer to you. These islands are enough for a party Greek Island Hopping, but of course you can continue with other islands if you want to!


Crete is not located in Cyclades, but after Ios you can go there quickly and conveniently by ferry with Greek Island Pass. In every prefecture and town of Crete, such as Chania, Agios Nikolaos, Rethymnon and Heraklion, you can find beautiful nightlife spots, to drink your cocktail and have fun. However, the best place for wild nightlife is Malia in Heraklion. There, mainly British tourists gather and have great fun in one of the numerous clubs with electro, house or techno music. If you like this kind of music and you want to drink and dance until the dawn with other people, who want to test their limits, then don't miss it!


Rhodes is an island for every taste. We mentioned Rhodes as a family-friendly island but the truth is that Rhodes is a large island and thus it is perfect for everyone. You can have fun in the Medieval Town of Rhodes or the new town outside the walls, but the best nightlife spot is Faliraki. Faliraki, the exotic long and sandy beach, is full of beach bars, where young tourists, ready for everything, gather, flirt and dance until the dawn. It is definitely a once in a lifetime experience if you are a party animal.


Zakynthos is located in the Ionian Sea, and thus it is not so convenient for island hopping, because it can't be combined with the above mentioned islands in the Aegean Sea. However, it is impossible not to mention Zakynthos when talking about the party islands in Greece. Zakynthos has everything: renowned beaches, such as the Shipwreck Beach, beautiful villages and great nightlife. The top spot is Laganas, where after sunset people from all over the world gather and have fun until the next day. The feeling is exactly like Faliraki and Malia: young people, who want to spend an extreme night and meet new people for whatever it may comes...

With your other half

When being in love, the only thing you want is to spend moments with your other half. Is there anything more powerful than spending your vacation with your beloved one? Greek Island Hopping is ideal. You discover with your partner more destinations, you create memories together, you make a team and thus you know each other better. These holidays will be unforgettable. You want to go everywhere with the person you love, but this is impossible. Thus, we recommend you here some of the most romantic islands in Greece to explore and take thousands of photos!


Words are not enough to describe the beauty of Santorini, the volcanic island, which impresses the visitors with the white-washed villages hanging in caldera at the edge of the cliff. Wandering in Fira, Imerovigli  and Oia, eating in world-class romantic restaurants, watching the most beautiful sunset of the world in Oia and waking up with the amazing view of the volcano is an unforgettable experience, exactly like being in your honeymoon...


Milos is considered to be among the Greek as well as international travellers the ultimate island for couples. Actually, on the island, there are only couples during the high season. No families, no kids, no groups of friends. Only couples, walking around the beautiful Chora, enjoying its great view of the Aegean Sea, relaxing by the sea in Pollonia or Klima and spending their time in the astonishing beaches of Milos, which with their beauty, create the perfect circumstances to relax, forget everything and just feel in love with your partner.


Folegandros is another romantic island in Cyclades that has a unique atmosphere like Santorini. With its rough beauty, with the dry, lunar landscape, the unadulterated Cycladic architecture and the cobblestone squares, Folegandros is a romantic yet untouched and peaceful island, which gives you the privacy you want, when you spend time with your partner. Wonderful beaches, the breeze of the Aegean Sea and elegant restaurants and cocktail bars make Folegandros the ultimate stop during your romantic island hopping with your beloved one.


Rhodes is a favourite island also for couples thanks to the picturesque towns of Lindos and Rhodes. There is nothing more romantic than strolling around the cobblestone streets of the Medieval Town or taking photos at the top of the cliff in Lindos with the white-washed houses creating an amazing scenery. 


After Rhodes, you can make a day excursion or spend a couples of days on the neighboring island of Symi. Symi has an impeccable architecture and a beautiful promenade by the sea, near the colourful neoclassical buildings. Traditional taverns, alternative bars on the top of the cliff with magnificent view and some adorable beaches make Symi the ideal island, if you want to relax and spend relaxing moments.

Where to Stay

Studio in Naxos, Greece Depis Aqua Beachfront Studios
Depis Aqua Beachfront Studios
Plaka, 84300 Naxos, Greece

Depis Studio Plaka is located in Plaka, just a 2-minute walk from the beach. Naxos Port and Naxos Town are approximately 10 km away. Naxos National Airport is 6.4 km away.

Studio & Appartment in Thassos, Greece Golden View
Golden View
Chrysi Ammoudia, 64004 Thassos, Greece

Golden View is located in Chrysi Ammoudia village, a 10-minute walk from the lovely sandy beach. The port of Thassos is 12 km away.

Hotel in Edessa, Greece Hagiati Guesthouse
Hagiati Guesthouse
40, Makedonomachon Str., 58200 Edessa, Greece

Hagiati Guesthouse is located in a central location in the town of Edessa, very close to the famous Waterfalls. The closest airport to the town is Kozani's Airport, which is 90.4 km away.