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How to enjoy the very best of the Greek cuisine during island hopping

Greek islands ● 06 June 2018
Greece is a top destination in the Mediterranean for foodies. The Greek cuisine, part of the world famous Mediterranean cuisine, is not only healthy but also delicious. It is based on vegetables, pure meat, olive oil, fresh fish and seafood. Your vacation on the Greek islands can really be a culinary experience you won't never forget. A gastronomic paradise is waiting for you to serve you local dishes in authentic recipes you have never eaten before! More stops on the Greek islands mean more local food to taste. This is why Greek Island Hopping is not only the best way to discover the gorgeous beaches and villages of the Greek islands. It is also your chance for food island hopping in Greece, exploring the culinary landscape of the Greek tradition. Check here what and where to eat during your Greek Island Hopping.


Meat played always a key role at Greek feasts for centuries, and you will realise that when you come to Greece and taste the delicious meat Greek dishes, cooked with various ways. From whole animals grilled on long spits to delectable morsels cooked on small skewers or clay pots, the art of roasting the meat in Greece has a long tradition. Part of this tradition are delicious steaks and other dishes but also the renowned all over the world souvlaki. Souvlaki is the most famous street food in our country, if not in Europe. Chicken or pork meat, combined with tzatziki, tomato, French fries and onion, is wrapped in a pit. Enjoy it! The best part? That souvlaki is the cheapest food you can find in Europe: if you are really hungry you need only 2-3 souvlakia (5€) to find all the energy you want for the rest of the day!


Two other delicious dishes in the Greek cuisine with meat and unexpected combinations of various ingredients are pastitsio and moussaka. Moussaka, one of the most famous dishes of the Greek cuisine, is based on layering: grilled or fried aubergine, potato and zucchini and between the layers minced meat. On the top, onion, garlic and béchamel sauce create the best food with meat, vegetables and a creamy sauce. Pastitsio is baked pasta with minced meat and béchamel sauce. It is the alternative to moussaka, but with spaghetti instead of vegetables.


It is expected that a country fully surrounded by sea has in its cuisine many dishes with fish and seafood. Fish is cooked in the Greek cuisine either grilled, when it is a big fish, like sea bass, dorado, mackerel and haddock, or fried, when the fish is small, like red mullet. Some fishes, like sardine and sprat, are not cooked but rather marinated, being the Greek version of sushi! The big fishes, which are grilled, are served with a delicious sauce of olive oil mixed with lemon, which gives them an exquisite taste. In regard to seafood, a dish, which is considered to be very aphrodisiac, are the oysters and generally the shellfishes. They are served with their shell, and their inside is boiled in wine or a sauce with garlic and lemon. They are an amazing kickshaw with a taste literally coming from the sea.


With oysters and ouzo, you can eat as starter taramosalata. Taramosalata is a sauce created from avgotaraho, lemon and olive oil. Avgotaraho from Mesologgi, is one of the most eclectic deli Greek products. The Greek caviar is made from the eggs of the flathead grey mullet, and it is certified with a Protected Designation of Origin label.

Other seafood dishes are octopus, sea urchin, shrimps and squid. Octopus is cooked grilled or boiled in wine and vinegar, while the sea urchin is the ultimate gastronomic experience. The inside of the sea urchin is served in a shot glass making you feel like drinking the sea and its waves. Shrimps are grilled, but you can eat them in a special dish with tomato sauce and feta cheese, while squid is eaten grilled or fried. The gourmet version of the squid is stuffed with rice, onions and nuts.

Vegetarian dishes

Are you a vegetarian? No problem! The Greek cuisine has many vegetarian and vegan dishes.

The Greek salad is one of the most famous and easily made salads in the world. It consists of tomatoes, onions, cucumbers, green peppers, olives, feta cheese, oregano and olive oil. It is a delicious and nutritious salad, which is served in every restaurant or tavern on the Greek islands.

Other amazing dishes are tomato fritters, courgette balls and dolmades, grape leaf-wrapped rice parcel, eaten as finger food, stuffed with pine nuts.


The pies are also famous dishes of the Greek cuisine, and everywhere during your Greek Island Hopping, you can find a bakery, which serves delicious pies with many and unique ingredients. Spinach pie is a favourite pie of all Greeks as it is a light meal, full of iron, protein and energy.


Don't leave Greece without tasting the amazing desserts that combine Greek and many oriental elements!

Loukoumades are considered as the Greek version of doughnuts. They are crispy and golden on the outside, fluffy and airy on the inside. Galaktompoureko is a traditional Greek dessert made from layers of dough, sprinkled with melted butter, filled with creamy custard and bathed in scented syrup. The secret of galaktompoureko is mostly in the dough that should be crispy but at the same time soft.


Rizogalo is a rice pudding, which takes its name from its two basic ingredients, rice and milk. It is a healthy Greek recipe as it is butter- and egg- free. Rizogalo is served warm and scented with vanilla, cinnamon, lemon peel or orange zest. Tsoureki is a kind of sweet bread with two aromatic spices, mastic and mahlab, that give it an extraordinary taste. Ravani can be found in many variations depending on the island you are, but the most popular is the one with coconut. Ravani is a syrupy Greek cake with flakes of oranges and coconut. Its delicate flavour, texture and smell will amaze you.

Top gastronomic destinations

If you want to organise your Greek Island Hopping depending on the culinary experience you will have there, we recommend you the top gastronomic destinations to eat well and on a budget. Thus, in addition to sea, sun and history, you will also have an unforgettable gastronomic experience!

The coolest thing about that? You can visit all of these destinations with the best Greek Island Hopping Ferry Pass, Hostelbay island pass! You pay the price of only one ticket, but you can visit up to 7 Greek islands in the Cyclades and Crete any time you want! Thus, you will spend super Greek Island Hopping on a budget, and taste the food of more Greek islands!


Naxos is the island, which charmed with its cuisine and the gorgeous recipes the top chef Anthony Bourdain! Anthony Bourdain cooked in Naxos, using the fine ingredients of the Naxian cuisine. Among the best local products you can try, are the Naxian potatoes, the sweet tomato, dairy products, such as graviera or xinotyro cheese, and the citron liqueur.


Mykonos is something more than its traditional products, like kopanisti cheese or louza sausage. Of course, you can taste the fine local products and delicacies on the island, but the best thing is that on this island, you can eat in some of the best luxury restaurants in Europe if not worldwide. Chinese, French, Argentinean, Japanese, Italian and Mediterranean food from internationally popular chefs waits the food lovers of all kinds. Furthermore, many awarded Greek restaurants are located in Mykonos, waiting their clients to show them a new level of the Greek cuisine...


Santorini is a culinary paradise with tasteful cuisine and precious local products.The volcanic soil of the island makes the cultivation of the local products a hard process, which however, together with the Aegean breeze gives them an unbeatable taste. Fava, tomato fritters, white aubergines and exquisite, worldwide renowned, wine are only some of what you can taste in Santorini. Tomato fritters (tomatokeftedes) are the alternative to courgette balls, if you don't like zucchini. Basically, they are dried tomatoes fried with flour. Extra tasty, velvety in texture, nutritious and sweet, fava has awarded PDO status. It is puree of yellow split peas and served as a dip, sprinkled with lemon juice, olive oil and onions. However, there are many alternative recipes with fava, such as with meat, small tomatoes, capers and octopus, or it can also be served as a soup.


Crete is considered as one of the best culinary destinations in Greece. Some of the Cretan dishes have found a special place in the general Greek cuisine. The most famous dishes of the Cretan cuisine are courgette balls and dakos, but on the island you are pleased to taste many exquisite dishes that will steal your heart. Courgette balls (kolokythokeftedes) are crispy balls with zucchini, mint and creamy cheese on the inside. Dakos is a mix of various ingredients that create an unforgettable outcome. Barley rusks, which are soaked in water or olive oil to get softened, are topped with fresh tomato and cheese, feta or myzithra. Salt, oregano, pepper and Cretan olive oil give dakos an excellent taste.

Local products to take back home

The culinary experience in Greece doesn't have to stop when Greek Island Hopping is over. You can buy many delicious local products to take back home and remember your vacation in Greece with nostalgia...

Ouzo is an anise-flavoured aperitif, which has been derived from the anise version of tsipouro and is the national drink of Greece. Mixed with water and ice cubes, is the perfect beverage together with seafood in a tavern by the sea.

Olive oil is considered to be one of the best-kept secrets of longevity. This main ingredient of the Mediterranean diet is good for the heart, prevents thrombosis, has polyphenols that reduce bad cholesterol, is endowed with antioxidants that help battle cancer and the negative effects of ageing and helps diabetics control their blood sugar levels. It is very delicious and gives a unique taste in every food or salad it is added. Plus, you can find it significantly cheaper in Greece than in your country. At the airport, olive oil is being sold in beautiful packages to offer it also as a gift.

In the local shops on the islands, you can find many herbs, such as oregano and sage that are delicious and are considered to be superfoods! The Greek herbs have curative properties, are tasteful and have various uses, as they can be put in food, be drunk as tea, or be used to alleviate symptoms of flu or other diseases.

Greek wine is also a must to take back home! Greece is one of the oldest wine-producing countries in the world since the Greek wine had high prestige in antiquity. There are many wine varieties depending on the grapes and the wine-making area, and you can buy high quality wine from local wineries and have an amazing experience by visiting a vineyard and tasting a glass of its homemade wine.

The Greek honey was prescribed by Hippocrates for all his patients, and the ambrosia, the food of Greek gods, is said to contain royal jelly. Honey is an amazing source of carbohydrates, antioxidants, vitamin B complex and minerals necessary for a balanced system.The country's rich biodiversity, with a great variety of flowers, herbs and trees, has a special effect on the honey produced here, giving it exceptional flavour, aroma and density.

Greek saffron

Crocus or saffron was drunk by the ancient Greeks to fight insomnia and hang over, but today the contribution of crocus in good health is considered more powerful that just a medicine against insomnia. The crocus grown in Kozani is among the most expensive spice in the world, but you can find it significantly cheaper in Greece. It is extremely popular for its aroma, flavour and colouring properties, but the most impressive thing with saffron is its properties. It is packed with vitamins, iron, calcium, magnesium, potassium and lycopene, and it is known for its cancer preventive properties as it is a powerful antioxidant and anti-ageing agent.

Mastic, the famous product of Chios, is considered beneficial to human health since the antiquity, in short an all-around medicine. You can buy it as a liqueur or a delicacy, enjoy its unique taste and remember your sweet vacations in Greece. You can't find mastic anywhere else!

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