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Hydra: the aristocratic destination near Athens

Athens ● Hydra ● Saronic islands ● 04 July 2017

Hydra belongs to the Saronic Islands, the islands that are so close to Athens that are perfect for a weekend or even a day-trip from the Greek capital. Hydra is one of the most popular islands in Greece. It became famous worldwide from the international film shot there, the Boy on a Dolphin (1957) with Sophia Loren. The popularity of Hydra is a result of the extreme beauty of Hydra Chora, one of the best-preserved towns in Greece, with stone-built houses on a cliff.


Take the boat from Piraeus Port and within 2 hours, you will reach the port of Hydra, which is also the capital of the island and its amazing Chora. It will be love from the first sight. The picturesque architecture of Hydra Chora, with the huge stone-built mansions and the elegant houses of the traditional and protected settlement, which looks like being hidden in its natural harbour, make you feel like seeing a wonderful painting. The houses are standing amphitheatrically on the cliff, and the harbour is full of lovely sailing boats, local shops, restaurants by the sea and bars with cosmopolitan character.

This little oasis is ideal for having a stroll inside its paved streets, buy elegant things and souvenirs, eat seafood, drink your cocktail and generally relax. Hydra Chora has vivid nightlife, but it offers you also some interesting sites to see. Don't miss out to visit the Historical Archives Museum, a museum with manuscripts, paintings, ship models, rare books and other exhibits from the period of the Greek revolution in the 19th century as Hydra was the centre of the Greek Revolution against the Turks. You can feel the glorious past of Hydra when seeing the bastions with cannons around Hydra Chora, these cannons that were used to protect the island from the Turkish fleet.

The beaches of Hydra are not as impressive as the beaches of Cyclades, but they have crystal clear waters and give you definitely the joy of swimming on an island. You can go to the beaches either on foot (Kaminia, Mandraki, Vlichos) or, when the beaches are remote (Agios Nikolaos, Molos), by boat from Hydra Chora. There is always the possibility for you that you can dive from the rocky coves near Hydra Chora (Hydroneta, Spilia) into the deep blue waters of the Saronic Gulf.

Other activities you can do in Hydra is hiking on its imposing, rocky mountains with many hiking paths above Hydra Chora or having a walk on one of the adorable donkeys that are waiting for you at the edge of the harbour. Donkeys are the main means of transport for the residences of Hydra since cars are prohibited on the island.

Where to Stay

Pansion in Hydra, Greece Theano Guesthouse
8.1 10
Theano Guesthouse
Hydra, 18040 Hydra, Greece

Theano Guesthouse is located in the town of Hydra, approximately a 10-minute walk from Hydra Port. The nearest beach is Avlaki, which is 900 m away from the property.

Studio in Hydra, Greece Glaros Guesthouse
Glaros Guesthouse
Hydra, 18040 Hydra, Greece

Glaros Guesthouse is located in the centre of Hydra only a 2-minute walk from the Hydra Port. Mandraki peddle beach is 2 km away.