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Ikaria: magical wilderness and relaxation

Ikaria ● 21 September 2017

Ikaria is characterised by lush green nature and traditional villages, wonderful beaches, easy-going local people, relaxing character and its renowned festivals that last the whole summer. Ikaria is the top island of the Aegean Sea to forget everything and get lost in its unique world, its calmness and its strength. You can't get bored in Ikaria because there you explore your limits, find the inner peace and discover a whole new world. With these tips from the locals, you can explore Ikaria off-the-beaten-path as it deserves. However, an insider's guide is not enough to understand the magical aura of Ikaria. You have additionally to get rid of the rules and be ready to have an unforgettable experience.

The power of nature characterises every aspect of the island. The sea, the mountains, the flora and fauna, the wild herbs and the impressive flowers in the meadows, every corner of Ikaria is a part of nature. In such a landscape, excursions all over the island are a must. Halari Gorge, which is located near Nas Beach, is an ideal place to get familiar with the natural beauty of Ikaria. Lakes, planes trees, stone-built bridges and waterfalls are waiting for those, who want to stroll around. The Gorge has also beautiful hiking paths and routes to be explored. These routes are very beautiful during spring, but also during autumn, when the weather is not very hot, you can conveniently hike alone or in an organised tour.

Seychelles Beach

A top excursion is the drive from Mesaria to Faros with a stop in Agios Kirykos Ikaria. Agios Kirykos Ikaria is considered as one of the most picturesque settlements of Aegean Sea. Neoclassical houses, flowered balconies and narrow streets create an amazing picture. In Agios Kirykos Ikaria, you can admire the Archaeological Collection, which is housed in the building of High School and has findings of the Neolithic and Classical Period. After this stop, you can swim at one of the beaches between Faros and Drakanos with their crystal clear waters and the secluded location, which gives you the ultimate feeling of peace and privacy.

Another magnificent excursion leads from Mesaria to Trapalou via Frandato, Raches and Karkinagri. This all-day adventure through lush forests and lunar landscapes will show you pictures you won't ever forget. The serene trek to Magganitis, especially with full moon, is another breathtaking route, which can end at the port for a frozen beer.

Where to Stay

Studio & Appartment in Ikaria, Greece Studio Froso
8.4 10
Studio Froso
Chrisostomos, 83300 Ikaria, Greece

Studio Froso is located in Chrisostomos, an 18-minute drive from Agios Kirykos Port. Evdilos Port is 20 km away.